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Full Version: Hints in TTOTC .
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The T.S.Eliot poem , and parts of the college song when used together may be useful in deciding where the starting and ending places may be .

In our exploring we end up where we started , knowing it for the first time . From shoulder to shoulder and bolder to bolder . May not be the exact wording , but it's the general idea . Just looking at hints in the book TTOTC . May be wrong , may be right . Only when the chest is found will we know what is wrong and what is right . Good luck everyone .

I don't think rebel is so whacky its a southern thing,i guess.
On page 133 of TTOTC he states there "are also other subtle clues sprinkled in the stories." For a long time I mistakenly thought Fenn referred to them as "subtle hints", not "clues".

Therefore I incorrectly regarded the poem as more important than the other hints/clues in the book. That was a mistake. After going back to search for the sprinkled clues I was amazed that I missed some of them - a couple of them are so much more obvious than the poem's clues and simple to decipher. I think these other "clues" are just as important as the poem - one of them for sure.
First off ...thanks pidmt . Next , Milan , I think you are right . Now has anyone considered the "smoking gun" ? The black and white painting of the man on the bridge , with a dead dog and a smoking gun , and everyone who saw it asked where the nearest restroom was . Then there was a large rock with "Fairies" dancing around it . Some interesting conclusions might be drawn from those descriptions .

Black and white painting of dead dog and smoking gun .. Then French watercolor of a large rock with "Fairies dancing around it . Then a nearest restroom . Then a large rock minus the fairies .Shuffling these things around and also knowing where two of them actually exist in reality could be very interesting .

Hi Rebel,
I'm interested in the smoking gun and was curious if you know of where these two actually exist.