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Full Version: Secrets be told
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If it doesn't work for my solve it just might help you on yours.

If you make it to the ghost town, unless you know what is really going on you will never find it. Not saying I have seen it or found it or that it is even there. If you don't over think and follow that poem you might just get it figured out.

If anybody has ever lost anything and looked for hours to find it, then all of a sudden it appears. Not to mention you have walked right by it god knows how many times. But for whatever reason you just couldn't find it until it was time.

So if it is meant to be the right person will find it, that is if it is out there.

One more thing, if you search and area please take your trash back with you. If everybody would just pick up one piece of trash found it could just make it a nicer place.

Anyway Happy Hunting
Read the post and the website and totally agree you're right about one thing.
If everyone picked up one piece of trash it would make a huge difference.