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Full Version: Craigs Book - Forrest Fenns Unexpected Treasure
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Today I finished the book about the treasure hunt from Craig Rosequist. Given that Forrest endorsed his book, I thought I should read it.

It has some good tips on how to interpret clues and since it's about the Rio Grande area of New Mexico, anyone who believes it's in NM might want to read it. It also has some good Christian ideas and also some history on Taos Indian legends.

Overall, for $20, it's worth it if you have the money.

And Forrest must have had some reason to endorse it.
And I'm not Craig, but a fellow searcher, so I'm not a shill. I will answer generic questions, but I probably shouldn't really specific questions or post actual quotes. It's not even the kind of book you can quote because I'm not sure what's important. Nothing stands out. It might be the location, the method, or topics he discusses. For some it might be redundant info, but for me it was helpful to learn about Taos and the Rio Grande.