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Hello, Newbie here. Retired Motorcycle exec. Cancer survivor, Just recently on disability due to a head on 42 years ago...many broken bones, deg. disk, ankylosing spondylitis...etc, etc, but I'm so tough the wolves won't eat me. LOL!. Thinking of my first trip next year. Found the FF Poem in a magazine in DR. office. I have published a doz. or so poems in 140 countries around the world...blah, blah, I like the challenge of figuring the thing out, even if it's only one trip, I consider it a bucket list kind of thing. One shot is all I'm taking. One shot, one hit.


With the thoughts and sounds that drift through our minds,

there, echoes a Mystic Song, like a Siren singing from an island in the night;

a voice that calls to you,over the untraceable steps of time,

a voice that calls you...

to a hidden Temple in the distant hills.

Good Luck, and Good Night.

Double G

[Image: m9993-Destiny-cover.jpg]


Double G..


You have interesting taste in art. There is a beauty in the simplicity. Is this your own? Only one trip needs to be taken if you seek only the quarry. Many trips if you seek the thrill. Good Luck
no one will actually know .........