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Hello from Colorful Colorado everyone. Here is hoping you all are having a great evening/week, etc. and have been enjoying the chase as much as myself. I have been lurking around for a while, so I decided that it's time to get acquainted. I have been in the chase for 6 months or so and have made 3 seperate outings. No luck so far, but is it really about finding the treasure? That's what's on my mind tonight. I am beginning to think that some, maybe a handful of searchers actually know where it is, but aren't willing to step forward and say, for a variety of reasons. Maybe it's for the best though - this search has given meaning to a lot of people's lives. My first trip was with my wife and we spent a wonderful day together really getting to know each other and finding out what was important. As I told Forrest in my only email to him, family is the real treasure. That is not to say that I don't have my special "spot" in mind as many of us do. That spot is both very real to me and also unreal at the same time. Getting to it is like running on a moving sidewalk.. will I ever reach the end? It looks like I won't, for now. I feel that someone will soon (it always feels like someone is close), and if they find it then I wish them the best. I think there is a little bit of each of us in that chest. Many of us spend our days going through the motions, always with the thought in the back of our minds that there has to be something more. We work our jobs and do what we have to, but this goes against our nature. We are hunters, adventurers. And that's why the chase speaks to us. I will never give up on it- even if the chest is found. Happy hunting and I hope to chat with you!

Thanks MD! Nice to know I'm not alone out thereSmile
Well said Hank Smile
Thanks Boomergirl. Maybe us newbies can come up with some new ideasSmile
Nice to meet you too Stephanie! Who's that old guy you're standing next to? Interesting number of posts you have there. Well, have a good night - time for me to flySmile
hi there HJJr. Sorry to be late with the greet...Sometimes I leave to go find myself and I get lost, if you see me please keep me here until I return so I will know that I am found, thanks...Enjoy the winter! Smile Smile
Hi Sam, nice to meet you. Hope you have a nice Winter too - stay warm!

Hi Hank. Sorry, just saw this. Welcome to the chase. I'm searching Colorado too. It's here....I just know it is! Smile

Hi Tralou. I thought for a while it was in Colorado, but I've changed my mind. I wish it were here though! I was just by the Molly Brown house this weekend. Should have taken the tour and started digging in the basement. Wonder if anyone would have had a problem with that?
It is here Hank! DON"T GO ASTRAY!!! Smile

We took the tour a couple of weeks ago. It was very informative. Unfortunately, the tour stops on the main floor. They don't take you to the basement. Hmmm....I should have snuck down there. (Snuck? Sneeked?) That's fine Hank....DON"T look in Colorado. Smile
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