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Full Version: Hello just joining
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Hello all =), I am just joining the forum after some time. You all seem nice and it was enough to persuade me to join. I haven't finished filling out my profile because I use a mobile to communicate and some options are hard to see and click. So I will finish later when I can get access to a computer. So a little about me =) im just another average joe, ive been married 16 yrs and have 4 kids. I work in a wood factory making furniture for hotels and motels. I've been following the chase for a few months now off and on. I guess my motivation is that it could change my life for the better and other reasons. I have a bad habit of thinking and processing things before I speak so it takes awhile before I answer. I can't remember someone described me as a introvert? Anyways I like to meet people and hope to make some friends here. I am open to partnering up with somebody in the new mexico area if anyone is interested. Well I hope you all are having a good day and look forward to meeting you =)


FD, welcome. I am in another state for my solve but happy to give my two cents when I can.

My husband was a woodworker as well, but now retired.

Again, welcome!

Thanks Kpro =) I love working with wood. I am currently learning to make a bentwood ring with some of the scrap veneer leftover from trimming. I chose cherry with a ca finish. Im hoping it turns out well. As far as a solve goes it's ok. My solve takes me to a specific location and I don't know the area well enough as I am in another state and I don't drive and so I thought why not partner up with someone there and more people will benefit. I like helping out others, just the way I was raised. =) talk to you later
Hi FD,

I celebrated my 16th anniversary this past Friday, and I too have 4 kids - neat coincidence. I'm extremely confident that the treasure chest is in New Mexico, so imo you're ahead of many people here on this forum.

Welcome to CC!

Thanks Milan =) I took me awhile but after reading it over and over I had an aha moment. After looking at it differently and following the poem it took me to a place where the poem lines up with. Im not sure of the weather in New Mexico but I have been told to wait until spring. Im kind of excited but to be on the safe side Im going to wait.
(01-22-2017, 12:17 PM)FlyingDutchman Wrote: [ -> ]...Im kind of excited but to be on the safe side Im going to wait.

That's a good idea. The Rockies can be unforgiving in the Winter.

Be safe and keep the adventure fun.

Thanks everyone =) I actually enjoyed this chase. So many people have great ideas and I followed in the same steps. Funny way I came to my solve was I had my phone on the table with a pic of the map showing and I knocked it off the table. Reaching down to pick it up I noticed something before I did. Dropping it gave me a new perspective and im kinda surprised at what I found when I started following the poem. I do know that it leads to a specific location because it tells you where to start, I have a lot of respect for Mr. Fenn, because of how he got it all to fit and it's almost like mother nature had this planned just for him. Its brilliant in my opinion