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(03-24-2017, 05:55 PM)Urban_Archaeologist Wrote: [ -> ]
(03-24-2017, 02:47 PM)Kpro Wrote: [ -> ]You should read decals solve, he is hebgen lake if you are heading that way.

I couldn't find anyone by the name of "decal" - did find a Declan -- nice scottish name, no? Is he is one who searched out in Hebgen Lake? Am sure lots of folks have been out that way.

And yes, newbie - who likes to read. It's all very interesting if nothing else.

Not only a solid solve, but if you ever contact him a graceful and nice person:


Email: kpro3@aol.con
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(03-24-2017, 06:04 PM)Kpro Wrote: [ -> ]Not only a solid solve, but if you ever contact him a graceful and nice person:

Thank you for sharing. Lots of good info there -- thumbs up. It make a lot of sense that it's around that area, since it meant so much to him. Scratching head quite a bit. You'd wonder if he'd make it that 'obvious' though, eh?

Maybe I'm getting Fenn-treasure overload.
May it is for our trek to the Rockies. Very excited.

Bear spray has been purchased - as well as a Garrett waterproof pro-pointer metal detector for poking around for something other than bears. Smile
Andrew Jef - thanks for the kind words. We bought some bear spray a couple of years ago when we were hiking in Glacier Nat'l Park and thankfully, didn't have to use it. I have bells and a couple of those air-horn things that boaters use to make some noise, along with bear spray and a gun as a last resort.

Not sure how well I'd do with bear spray under stressful conditions (e.g a charging bear). Last, last resort -- I think I can outrun my husband when it comes right down to it.

Mud isn't something I'd thought of planning on packing my waders and fly gear, sounds like the waders might also come in handy.

Where did you go last year in May? First BOTG is probably a giant learning curve.
Just one more thing regarding bears.....

"As I have gone alone in there" -- have interpreted this to mean that Forrest, at 79 years of age, wasn't worried about being eaten by a bear while he was hiding the loot. Perhaps it's not too far in bear country, or even in bear country at all.

Cue up the suspense music here.

Having said that - I'm leaving nothing to chance, as Murphy's Law seems to be a prominent factor in my life. Better to be safe than mauled.
Thanks Andrew Jef. You seem like a good guy. We got an 'alert' that bears were coming out of their dens in certain areas. Just the thought makes me a little nervous. Did buy one of those marine horns (you really should read the reviews on amazon for the product -- highly amusing), bear spray, and I do have a .375 because a girl can never be too careful in my opinion). And before anyone wants to start lecturing on guns and parks, etc., am very much up to speed on and do's and don'ts, thank you very much.

Seems like a lot of folks (me included, so no passing judgment by any means) get an idea or theory in their head, then that quickly becomes THE only solution (because, duh).....and the more you "look" into the poem and what you perceive to be clues from other writings, videos, articles - only stand to solidify that your solve is THE solve above all others. Then it keeps you up at night. This can be a little addictive if you let it.

But maybe that's just me. Wink

Anyway - Best of luck to you as well. Sounds like you were "this close" on your May 2016 Treasure Hunting Expedition. Hope your next hunt is the 'one.' I'll be happy to share the trials and tribulations of our expedition when we're out in Montana this May. Will serve as comic relief if nothing else.

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I took a bear bell and had spray. Didn't see one. But your right, never too careful.

I would carry but decided against it since I flew in.

Oh just wait for summer , the pics and excuses become legendary. Most get deleted so if you are here when they are posted, you will see how fun it gets to read. And add me to the list. I actually posted during my botg trip one time and the joke was on me. We all have come home empty handed.


Email: kpro3@aol.con
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Kpro - you are too funny. We are traveling up to Montana in our motorhome -- and we come prepared with an arsenal of bear spray, wine and other necessities.

Why does information go missing? I would think most on here would be interested to see what others thought and if they were right/wrong in their thoughts <?>.

Finding what equates to a shoe box in the massive potential search area means you probably have a better chance of being hit by lightening than finding it....but what the heck, you only life once, right?

Are you going back out this year, Kpro?


Nice. I want a motor home but can't convince my better half.

I will defer on the deleted question as a newbie here I posted about not allowing it and was out voted my lots. Many post and deleted or purposely deceive to throw a searcher off. Hey, only one will get the TC so I guess I get it. You can search for the answer.

I am unsure on the timing of my next trip. Will take the entire family if I go, but I am thinking of a breakthrough on the solve before I go. I have something I am researching now that may end up being that but won't know until I research more.

I believe Ff in what he says in stopping from a few rabbit holes via scrapbooks and words and I might be naive to do so but that is my plan.


Email: kpro3@aol.con
Interesting sites:
AndrewJef - Yes, that was a typo - 357...small, fits perfectly in my chest holster and if nothing else, I feel a little more secure, even though I'm more Barney Fife than Dirty Harry. If I run into a rhino out there, supposed I'm a goner either way - mind and body. I do pack quite a bit of camera gear as well, and have one of those small DJI Mavic drones that we can send up, if permissible. So I'll be dealing with my own heavy load.

No lecturing from me on anything, as I am not one to judge someone's search for the chest. Your guess is as good as anyone's and I'm sure it's not 'lame' what-so-ever. You seem to have your wits about you and are looking deep into the poem. I have confirmation bias as much as anyone does. It's difficult not to when it comes right down to it.
Google earth is a bit wonky when it comes to imaging.

If I come out of it with a couple of good stories that don't involved bears, I'll be happy.

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(04-08-2017, 08:53 PM)Kpro Wrote: [ -> ]I am unsure on the timing of my next trip. Will take the entire family if I go, but I am thinking of a breakthrough on the solve before I go. I have something I am researching now that may end up being that but won't know until I research more.

You should take the whole fam on the next adventure. That's what it's all about. Are they interested in the whole treasure thing? My better half humors me but I did catch him and the dog taking a peek at one of Fenn's books. Curiosity getting the better of them, perhaps.
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