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Full Version: New Mexico is the location
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Big Grin

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<b>Quote from old drum on March 12, 2014, 1:17 pm</b>

I can't see a man pushing 80 taking the time & effort to dig a 3+ foot deep hole - if there's any place one can be easily dug w/o hitting a bunch or rocks.

WHy would he need to dig a hole? There're holes everywhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe.
Hey JB

Speaking of holes have you ever seen the holes that the old Indians dug to trap animals that they herded them into. A friend of mine is documenting them but I need to go see them sometime.

They are supposed to be near Cerro Pedernal? Great link to a picture of that below

There is a lot more interesting things around there and maybe Forrest would call it special but how special.

Didn't know about 'em. I've climbed the Pedernal 3-4 times. It's definitely worth doing.
Nice picture.

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<b>Quote from Nora Kelly on March 15, 2014, 10:05 pm</b>

Nice picture.

Thanks but not mine but it is cool did you also know chert mines are there as well The name is Spanish for "flint hill and of course the Georgia O'keff stuff a lot going on with it. Do you know why I say I am purple since you once were pink?
Nobody is purple.

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Well, as ff once said to Lorene Mills, "I told you more than you wanted to know about that." :-)

And that's just touching the surface of the color purple.

-- What a great color to be!!

A mixture of red and blue. Makes me think of when I told everyone about my favorite uncle and how he lived in a cave. Boo (R.I.P.), thought I was going to say Pennywise, but I said a bear. Dang clowns with all those colors!!

** See, and that's the nice thing about this forum and it's design. We just don't have to always talk about finding the chest. We have the FREEDOM to communicate about many different things if we chose to. And just like the colors of the rainbow, which purple is not, but still very special, WE are all unique in are own way and regardless of our discussions, this freedom allows us to be both stimulating and inspiring to others and not just see or want things in black and white. Doesn't mean that everything here is beneficial or not at times ridiculous or wrong, or even mostly a waste of time, but it is a forum of the bloggers, by the bloggers and for the bloggers, not just for an old man living on an island who wants to be a dictator of thoughts. Yeah, yeah, his blog his rules!! How original. -- And with great freedom comes great responsibility. I think the people/searchers/unique individuals here have done a great job at showing that responsibility in what they choose to be censored and said. And if "Imagination is more important than knowledge", then I think we have a chance at finding the chest, because knowledge isn't wisdom and it's going to take someone who can use discernment to find it and many here already have the imagination. Brainstorming will eventually unlock it. And really, isn't it just nice sometimes to talk about other things and take a break from the hunt in thought for a moment? Laugh a little bit? Talk about nonsense? No big deal.

The only thing I go to Dal's site for is to see if ff said anything or to read a searchers experience. Forget the rest.

Yeah, I know I said I was leaving, but it's hard :-) for you are the only people who can relate to looking or talking about the quest.

Tim, sorry, so why purple?


Hey Mr. Kelly you are always welcome here. Just change your name you are confusing the new guys! lol
Oh, ........and excellent moderating Stephanie and Wolf.

No I will not change my name!! It represents adventure and exploration. If it is confusing to others then they are going to have a tough time regardless. I am just words on the screen and nothing else. Please treat me as such.

Man purple really sets you off but I am purple because when we (PTN and Nobody) were all on Dal's site pre Chase Chat the boy(s) (Blue team) always boosted that they would find the chest before any girl(s) (Pink Team). I had a kidney transplant in 1989 and the donor was a 10 year old girl named Molly.

So when we where talking about the Blues vs the Pinks and what the superior gender would find it first, I said I guess since I am both blue and pink I must be purple then and you all have a 3rd gender competitor. So you where Pink but now Blue but I am purple and both colors.
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