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Full Version: New Mexico is the location
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LOL. Thanks for making me laugh. It doesnt matter if you have a spot. The high desert is completely different than other areas. Survival of a forest in an arid land is nothing short of a miracle. It wont look like giant forests around the Pacific NW, but thats the point. Think of it from a childs view. Smile
New Mexico is the location. But feel free to search Colorado, Wyoming, and Ohio! Wink

IMO, If the snow is gone in your area then you are not in the right area. I used to be one who thought that if you knew the "coordinates" then snow would not stop me. I was wrong as I recently wasted a trip to New Mexico to test that theory. I shall return!
Proceed like a person who thinks like a child in an eighty year old body. Wonder and imagination. Smile
If i do proceed like a child my gaze would be closer to the ground now would'nt it. I do not feel a child's mentality will find it but a child's vantage point alone may do it. Also feel that any marveling that takes place would only be appreciated by an adult. This is what I wonder and imagine for my own solve. :| Smile Big Grin
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's here and that somebody will find it very soon. That is, unless it has already been found by someone who's keeping it under wraps in order to avoid taxes. Reddit hinted that someone named OP had posted lots of messages and pics, then suddenly deleted everything and can't be found, at the same time old coins began to show up in Colorado coin shops. Any news about this, anyone?
Not a clue, who or what is reddit?

Ok after reading on reddit, I am going to say dont believe it until you hear it from Forrest.

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<b>Quote from RC on December 26, 2013, 10:55 pm</b>

I think New Mexico is the WWWH because of the simple fact that Mr. Fenn said not to believe what everybody says except what's on the poem and the book. The only map on the book (TTTC) is of New Mexico. Yes, he has another map on his Too Far To Walk book but, New Mexico is still on that map.

Is it?
What do you mean? Is it?

Yes the map in ttotc is a map of nm. Yes part of nm is on the second map.
I recently checked out a book from the university library called "The Place Names of New Mexico" by Robert Julyan. a wealth of information as it explains the name origins on geographical landmarks such as mountains, rivers, bluffs, towns, passes, arroyos etc.. the history goes back far on these names and previous names if any existed. Just FYI. maybe this is old news i don't know. Also seems to be similar books for Colorado and Wyoming.

I just bought a used copy of that book online and also mountains of nm by same author. I have had an exact spot for awhile now but haven't been back to it since March. Anything that might give me more information of the area is what I'm shooting for although my conviction of the validity of this place as the treasure location is very, very high. I may not be able to glean anything more than what I already know of the area but I'm sure I will enjoy reading them regardless.
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