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Full Version: New Mexico is the location
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<b>Quote from old drum on March 12, 2014, 1:17 pm</b>

I can't see a man pushing 80 taking the time & effort to dig a 3+ foot deep hole - if there's any place one can be easily dug w/o hitting a bunch or rocks.

WHy would he need to dig a hole? There're holes everywhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe.

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<b>Quote from RC on December 26, 2013, 10:55 pm</b>

I think New Mexico is the WWWH because of the simple fact that Mr. Fenn said not to believe what everybody says except what's on the poem and the book. The only map on the book (TTTC) is of New Mexico. Yes, he has another map on his Too Far To Walk book but, New Mexico is still on that map.

Forrest told me it's in Kansas. No, really.... Kansas.
lol Desertphile, thats not going to work.
HOB, is Caldwell KS.
Oh, come on! Why is it when somebody posts a comment on the blog very few people actually comment about the topic. Can you guys stay on the current topic? Anybody else thinks New Mexico is the location, and why you do? Another reason I think is in New Mexico is that in the book Mr. Fenn says he secret it somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe. He never mentions the Rocky Mountains in the book. Or am I mistaken? Any takers?



First just the statement, In the mountains north of Santa Fe, leave room for interpretation, The Mountains north of Santa Fe are the Rockies. second, He came out and said Yes, the Rockey mountains.
RC then you have people like me that I dont believe its in New Mexico but it depends on your research and what you believe cause all of us has not found it yet.
Will, I think you should do more research and read the book until you find the answer. I could tell you all clues that lead to New Mexico but I would ruin your fun. Happy hunting!
@RC...Many people believe NM, many do not...For ME, I look at the early days of the chase, Rocky Mtns came in from Mr. Fenn later on when the chase discussions expanded nationwide with thousands becoming involved...Also, "hints" or "subtle clues" (mere terminology to me) give me this same impression...guess it depends on where any one searcher believes the box to be...Everyone has their own reasons for the way they think...and like will said, hasn't been found yet...give me a hint where you think the box is and I'll tell you if you are right or wrong and why...LOL...everybody here is into that!...LOL... Smile
If feel good about my search location and already booked my trip so as of now waiting for the 8 feet of snow to melt, and the reason I feel good about it cause I solved the ( child has a advantage ) clue and as of clues useing this the clues answer back.
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