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Full Version: The Thrill of the “Chase Wall Map” – Limited edition prints.
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So this map is large – 30 x 24 and it looks great on my wall. Next, choosing a customized frame that will highlight the map and the search area.

Bridger DeVille with Benchmark emailed me and asked if Chase Chat had any mention of Dal Neitzel post about the new Wall Map and if not, if I would not mind posting it. I am more than happy to do this for Bridger for personally delivering my map and visiting with me and talking about our searches and him meeting FF by chance. Oh, lots of stuff to hear and die for...

It was great, my first Fenner to meet and have a conversation about the FF’s treasure. I no longer felt alone… For delivering my map, I shared with him my version of the “Blaze”.

<i>“I’ve just now caught up with phone calls and emails from Sunday/Monday, and have over map 30 sales to process and ship this week. I think the maps will sell out in the coming weeks not months, and we may not need a promotional story like the one you mentioned. That’s not to say I won’t share the story anyway when I’m not buried in shipping addresses”.</i>

I asked Bridger to share the story of what happen to Canada and post here on Stephanie’s Chase Chat. There are only a few that know what happen to Canada, but you all can know as well, after the 100th map is sold.

<i>"Hi (Mr. T),

I like the way you are thinking about this, but let me give you a few updates. Since we met, our website is still infected and blocked by Google. We are waiting for new results today and hope to be in the clear by the end of the week". </i>

Benchmarks has great map apps. Given them a look… It looks like now their web site is up and running again. To buy a Wall Map open the following link.

Respects to Mr. Neitzel always:

Mr T.

[Image: z2160-Continental-Divide.JPG]
Awesome "Mr. T"....such a wealth of info you shared....thankyou. Wink
Received mine the other day, need to get it framed and on the wall.

Thanks Forrest and Bridger
Whats this I heard about one of the rivers not going where it should have. some buzz on another blog. I think it was the map in the book, Anything to it?
Musstag, that is true of the map in the book. Not sure if they corrected it in the collectable wall map.

Received a response from Bridger on how many of the 100 maps are sold as of 1/8/2014.

<i>Hi Larry,

Yes they have been flying. Of the original 100 there are about 15 left in Benchmark’s possession, plus about 20 available to walk-in customers at Collected Works Bookstore in downtown Santa Fe.

• Those who want a map from Benchmark should email me with name, phone, and shipping address. I’ll call them to confirm and get payment info. $100 includes 1 Thrill of the Chase wall map signed by Forrest Fenn, a numbered certificate of authenticity, Fenn Compass backstory, and UPS shipping within the US.

• For those who walk in to buy this map at Collected Works, it comes alone for $100 and they’ll need to contact me directly to obtain their certificate of authenticity.</i>


Tralou2you and Stephanie, thanks for the kind words. On a 1 to 10 scale, 1 being low and 10 being high. How interested are you in knowing what happen to Canada? The question goes out to everyone as well.

The Lorax, I am having a hard time picking a frame. After you frame yours, post a pic of your map?

Musstag and Deb, I do not know of the story on the other blog but I suspect this is an important Fenner river that appears to travel 55 miles past its confluence. If you have a TFTW Map and a Wall Map, look for Cody, Wy head north on 14 to Powell, Wy. Now look at both maps. Here is another, Aztec, New Mexico, on both maps look for the position change of Aztec Ruins National Monument. The last two are corrections and the river should have been as well.

Folks, 35 maps left to be sold and Bridger tells all.

And maybe he will include, what was requested to be placed on the map... 8O

<i>Let me know if you have any questions. Here’s an interesting screenshot of geographic distribution of these maps so far. Chasers everywhere!</i>

[Image: d45n3-BD.jpg]
I would love to be able to afford one of these maps.
ok, I'll bite. 10

And what is the significance(sp) of Germany?
I am surprised there isnt more in the New Mexico area.
Germany and the other pointers, indicate locations that a Wall Map was shipped to. With that said, Way to go Germany and British Columbia!

100 bucks, you only live once. Did not Forrest refer to a time when he wanted to buy something and passed on it and regretted it?
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