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Full Version: A proposition to the immobile solvers....
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We are going to head to New Mexico and then up to Montana on the family road trip. We were going to leave today but probably tomorrow now. If you feel you will never make it out to look then why not partner up with us. We are avid hikers and bushwhackers and thrive in the outdoors. We have done some research but are nowhere near having a solve. If you think you will never get out and have a legit solve, then let us be your legs. We will split fairly and you will have the glory of the community...if it's there. We are honest people. We will dedicate some time to searching but our road trip is not all about this treasure. Its about stars and camping and waterfalls and spongebob references and being together(me, wife 2 nearly grown kids). With your brain and our brawn we can search your solve leaving no stone unturned. We could not in good conscience steal from you. E mail me and we can discuss it further before giving it away. I understand any hesitancy, but if you think you will NEVER get out there, give us a shot. What do you think of ...warm waters halt....being on the border of Colorado/New mexico
Well we are back! And despite all the love and gushing goo goo gaa gaa that goes on here for ff, I cant say that we found much of it out there. From N.M. to Montana by the way. and people were familiar with him. Quite honestly lots of bad things said. Really bad! In fact it has switched my opinion about their even being any treasure out there. And we spent zero hours searching so I'm not bitter about it.