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Full Version: Yellowstone Super Volcano 2.5x Bigger than thought
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<b>That'll melt the snow...</b>

The Super Volcano sitting underneath Yellowstone National park is two and a half times bigger than originally thought ( 55 Miles Across x 9 Miles Deep ). It hasn't erupted in over 640,000 years. But if and when it does again, it would be catastrophic to the North American continent.

TouchVision 9 hrs ago
KAAA BOOOOOOM!!!! 9 miles deep,wow i did not know it was that deep..d
Ye I live in Montana. That's going to be one big (FIRE CRACKER) LOL
That would be a hell-of-a-BBQ
If that thing blows, it'll affect the Midwest with lots of ash. Matter of fact, it'll affect the whole world - look at history of the "year w/o a summer" after an Indonesian volcano blew (Tamboro?), a lot smaller than this thing.


When it erupts with in the first 200 mile, life will cease to exist in minutes. NYC could be under 3 feet of ash. Earth quakes in the USA and Canada [ as well as else where ] could be 9+ on the Richter Scale. In less than a week, the fall out of the ash will block the suns rays and cool the planet into an Ice age. the eruption could last decades... When is the first launch to Mars?
no ,the people who live in hollow earth will continue searching .. 8O ..they will emerge 100s of years later,find the poem...and become addicted to the will become their religion...(spl?) Big Grin 8-) 8O 8-)
duncan : Forrest said something about Imagination was just as important as knowledge or something to that affect. You ought to do good on the chase. You do have a good imagination. Do you think the clues will stay the same after a volcano changes everything and 100s of years later. LOL
hey woody, good imagination ,eh..I got alot stories in my head..just real lazy puttin it to grampa was a lazy writer,reporter in 40s and 50s..I got his imagination and laziness..the clues staying the same after the magma bomb exploads...ash,ash,ash...hmmm yeah i dont think the geoligy would change much.maybe climate..that could change things ..not a geoligist here...mountains are not eternal, but do have really long lives ,so to speak....d
Better ask the ancient ones, havent any of you looked at native beliefs? Three levels of existance, I would think those looking at Taos would have.
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