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Full Version: I might be cra cra, but realizing that makes me sane!
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Howdy gang, I read the poem for the first time in mid May after the EU rerun. Wow did my life change! Sleepless nights, chain smoking and pacing in the yard talking to myself with hand gestures, no telling what the neighbors think. First botg by early June, which turned into a fishing vacation because my partner was in a bad way. That's ok though, my solution was flawed anyway. Second botg over the 4th to show me the flaws, but had an adventure with my Dad. The drive back to GA gave me time to think and now I am redirected. I needed a local partner to save me all this travel expense, after all I am an unemployed redneck. Found a trusted colleague, but she has been ill and has little input. Botg 3, was because of this and more expense of course; but that two week trip taught and showed me more than she could have seen anyway as she was new to the chase and lacked the time needed to catch up. Just got home from botg 4, the weather and dwindling funds ran me off, but I await the spring! I do have a winter job so resource replenishment is on the way. At first I avoided the blogs as to not let the opinions of others effect my thoughts, but now I would like to be part of this community. My avatar is "Charlie", the main character in the movie "King Of California", and someone I can identify with! It was a box office flop but should be a cult classic for our community, Charlie is a treasure hunter, check it out! Anyway I joined the usual blogs, Jenny's and Dal's, but this seems to be where the action is, happy to be here and if I come off like a jerk let me apologize in advance. For I know I can be!
Welcome! Just read the ground rules & you'll be fine.
Thanks for the welcome OD! Read the rules and plan to abide. But One thing I have learned about myself is that my lack of social skills can come off as harsh, think Sheldon Cooper, so I wanted to be upfront about that.