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Full Version: Recently rethinking home of Brown.
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Upon reading TFTW for the first time this week, I noticed in a caption that Forrest uses 'brown trout' rather than 'Brown trout' (he probably says this other places but I just noticed it in the caption). So, unfortunately in my mind, home of Brown is probably not a reference to an old fishing hole and the fish there.

Any person with the last name of Brown, at least mentioned here, seems to be too obscure and unrelated to Fenn in any way.

What else is there?
Hate to leave a question and not contribute anything. From wikipedia:

The English word "bear" comes from Old English bera and belongs to a family of names for the bear in Germanic languages that originate from an adjective meaning "brown".

Would Forrest know this and would that justify the capitalization?
Welcome Mal. It's hard to say. It seems with Forrest anything is possible. Good luck in the chase!
Hi mal, Mr. Fenn is big on anything "Old West" or "Spanish" I went with Henry Newton Brown. Another thought would be a Monastery with monks dressed in brown. Good Luck
Brown Mayflies, they like cobble river runs (thousands of those spots)


This is something I looked into some time ago, I only found it interesting because of the use OLIVE and BROWN. No, I don't believe there is a connection, but I'm computer illiterate.

The HTML Color names, in relations to; Olive -CGA number brown

Edit: also the Hexadecimal color code [ the hex hub,< interesting] are "warm"- Red, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Yellow green


another thought for "Brown" was, does one need to create HOB by mixing the colors. red, yellow, blue, primary colors, but there are other ways to mix colors to get Brown
Now look up the French word for "Brown," and you'll know what Home Fenn is talking about....

P.S/ The treasure is in Kansas!
Gardner is in KS along with some very historic trails that may take someone right past the chest. Which trail to take hmmmmm......
Well that helps with the clues Toby for you. ( put in below the home of brown )
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