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I finally feel guilty for participating without introducing myself. I live in SW Missouri, above a medium size lake. Born and raised in Missouri. I have been married 52 years to the same wonderful man and we still laugh at each other at least once a day. We have been very lucky and have been able to travel this country extensively. We have made one trip on the chase and are now beginning all over as most do who come home. Hope to make many more. Greatly enjoy reading all posts. Good luck to all. Sue
We lived on the other side of the state but my Aunt lived in St, Louis, As soon as my husband retired we moved back to the hills.
Hi Sue. We're south of Warrensburg, Mo., let's start emailing with ideas. We got to stick together. My husband, Bill, 36yrs. anniversary this year, and I will be in Taos, Santa Fe, and Abiquiu at the end of the first week in Sept. Hope I can hunt some before the treasure in found.We can't go to other places than above,because we're taking the Cumbrestoltec again and then do photography along our route to get started hunting. We've been to New Mex. many years, and the treasure hunt, as Forrest said) is the best way to see more of New Mex. Hope you subscribe to New Mex. magazine. Anyway, I'm doing research about Taos and Abiquiu areas - can't hunt sitting on a farm here! I'll have some hunt stories by end of Sept. But, for now, reading blogs, writing Jen, and trying to put clues from poem in order - one thing I will state - the treasure just has to be some where in New Mex. I have read about the connections to Forrest about other places, such as Angel Fire lake at the Cimmaron area, but can't go there, just remember the numerous trout fishing sites and the history of Kit Carson and Lucien Maxwell. Really, really enjoy Forrest's history, and how he introduced me to a blog world of southwestern history, too. Wish I could meet him - he would be surprised at our knowledge of native Amer. history, too. Ozarks are beautiful this year. When are you going to New Mex.

Sandra; We just got back about 2 weeks ago. Our trip was cut a little shorter than we wanted so are already wishing we were back. I do hope they get some relief for the drought down there first. You can e-mail . I have a briefcase of research. Thank goodness for Stephanie. I didn't know what I would do when we came back and Dal had closed his blog. Sue