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Full Version: Undine falls, Yellowstone
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Has anyone looked here, been here, made any connections with this waterfall one way or another?
Would really love to read any and all comments on this before I spill my discovery.

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I'll give you a "clue", copied from IMO this waterfall is VERY important to the solve. Look especially close at the photo, maybe even upside down? ...stay with me now, there is more coming

How to Get There

Undine Falls is four miles east of Mammoth, near the roadway, and accessible by an easy, short hike. 

Brief Description and History

Lava Creek spills over the cliff face of a basalt lava flow that was emplaced about 700,000 years ago.  The falls is approximately 60 feet in height, descending in three plunges. 

Originally called “East Gardner Falls,” “Cascade Falls of the East Gardiner,” or “Gardiner River Falls,” Undine received its present name in 1885 from geologist Arnold Hague. Undine (Webster says it is pronounced UN deen) was named for wise, usually female water spirits from German mythology who lived around waterfalls and who could gain souls by marrying mortal men.

[Image: 8785d7397d3af22ad85020450c7189de.jpg]

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Seriously? Nothing, ok this aught to get people talking.
Now comare this to the falls picture above, remember upside down, and maybe backward.
Notice how the gypsies arm lines up with the stick in the fall?[Image: c33a7c0681935981a54c3974b1553597.jpg]

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Compare[Image: fb9054971d34c4803003d2970179005b.jpg]

Only one question remains. If i flipped the the picture of the waterfall upside down, and we're told to look quickly down, would that mean the bottom of the falls, or the top?

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If the clues lead you to this location, fine. Have a look. However, I could google search waterfalls and find two dozen or more falls that would correlate with the pic. Again I say if you are led there, don't let anything distract you. Just be careful for confirmation bias.
The picture aligned in five different places. The wheels of the wagon on the rocks above, the shape of the wagon on the fall, the main dancer again on the fall but in the opposite direction, I could go on, but after the fifth alignment I was convinced.

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By the way johngualt, please do find me more waterfalls that line up, that was the reason for the post after all.
I would love to see what you come up with.

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(02-11-2018, 04:42 PM)geminicesdesigns Wrote: [ -> ]Has anyone looked here, been here, made any connections with this waterfall one way or another?
Would really love to read any and all comments on this before I spill my discovery.

Sorry for not noticing this post earlier. Yes, Undine Falls was a target by a number of searchers a few years ago. The major reason was that there is supposed to be a "cave" or probably just an indentation behind those falls that you can get to (similar to the falls in Last of the Mohicans, but smaller). I am pretty sure that at least two searchers claimed they had checked and there was nothing behind the falls.

There is a thread about Lower Undine Falls from 2014 that represented someone's solve, but it looks like they edited out their posting. E.C. Waters has a major posting at called "The Case For Yellowstone" after which a commenter says he had a solve in the Undine Falls "area" that did not pan out.

Also, Undine Falls used to be called Gardner or Gardiner Falls back in the day, which ties to Gardiner Island at the very end of TTOTC. If you can see/find an island just above or just after the falls, it might be worth a look (stay safe!).
Thanks Beavertooth
I also have ruled out this area and moved on. I do appreciate the response tho

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I had a solve near Undine Falls that included the Gardner River (an alternate spelling of the town Gardiner) a WWH a HOB and a blaze. I looked extensively in the area as well as parts south.

A great deal lined up but there were problems. One of which was the openness of the treasure location. It was highly visible during the summer hours. Also I couldn't figure out how Forrest could gotten there and back from Santa Fe in a day (Peggy doesn't remember him being gone overnight, except to Cody, WY). He no longer had his plane and even if he had access to one the timeline doesn't work.