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Full Version: You can feel it coming
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[Image: db2233a910eaee21f655499c5b673cf3.jpg]
Quote:He is aware that he has surrounded himself with people who consider him a moron or are trying to save the country from his madness, and he is relentlessly casting them off.

[Image: baee092a84b597e6f4a67bef6ec42622.jpg]
"Now I'm f-ing doing it my way!" Sure Donnie, have it your way. The end is ever drawing nigh!

[Image: a8dad74c7c4c3d518f755c1584ccf4f5.jpg]
Trump believes he has the power to fire Mueller. I'm sure he does. We all have power to do things we shouldn't. I don't think that's the question. Here Trumpy, trumpy, trumpy.

[Image: 893ecb18b44afa26e31217399fe0710f.jpg]
Trump lawyers forget to pretend that he's innocent. Priceless.

[Image: 7c3a4b7dd6633349f66c8fbb38e5914b.jpg]

Feds tapped Michael Cohen's Phones. Really, Trump and his little troupe of circus clowns have no idea what they are caught up in. Even though Giuliani told Trump to not contact Cohen because his phones may be tapped, he may have done exactly that. Yeah, you can feel it Trumpy, Trumpy, Trumpy!

[Image: d72423b4e5d61142f4d3ad62b7515a3c.jpg]

You don't say? I'm so shocked.

Remember when an apology tour was bad, anti-American?

[Image: 17c7278643f7d3ac2126dd5e0e6dbece.png]

How about a Treason Tour? Is this anti-American? Hell yes.

[Image: 862d25d1c8234150b2eb791e792f1ce4.png]

Perhaps not treasonous, yet, but...

Quote:Jens David Ohlin, vice dean and professor of constitutional law at Cornell Law School, said...

"Trump is clearly helping Russia — whether it rises to the level of 'aid and comfort' would be for a jury to decide or for the House of Representatives to decide if it pursues articles of impeachment"

"It looks like the "quo" of a "quid pro quo" — Putin helped Trump get elected and now Trump is rewarding Putin with a favorable foreign policy. If Trump gets listed as an un-indicted co-conspirator, this arrangement might be relevant"

Look at the president’s advisor, Fox News, trying to downplay Trumps teeteringly treasonous talk.

[Image: 2c2e8289329d5a43ebe6c935c92d712e.png]

OMG, I can't believe it...the president lied. All that talk about it never happened, and then that he didn't know what the payment was for...blah, blah, blah. What a dirt bag. Why is it that anyone thinks we can trust him with anything? I suppose we can trust that he will make as much money as possible for himself and his family from the presidency.

[Image: 9027abe6e3eac39634f8b257de008d91.png]

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