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Jerry Zacuto and family? - AWI - 02-20-2014

Anybody else read this?


My family and I went on a vacation to West Yellowstone. We saw Hebgen Lake and took 191 down into Canyon St. We turned onto HWY 20 below the Madison River into Yellowstone. We drove for about 20 miles up river until we reached Gibbon Falls. We went down to the river and it sure was cold. I wonder if they ever remove that wood that’s below the fall? There were Buffalo all over the roads it was wonderful. We seen a Grizzly up close and all kinds of animals we don’t have in Florida. If it had not been for you Mr. Fenn we would have never gone out west to see all the beautiful wonders that God created. This trip has enriched our lives in more ways than we can describe. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

Jerry Zacuto and Family

Jerry Zacuto and family? - Tim Nobody - 02-21-2014

No but I don't think I would thank Forrest for seeing a Grizzly up close I would have said you almost got me killed when I encountered a Grizzly real close looking for your chest. Why did you not tell me that there are dangerous animals out there not found in Florida. I was also wondering if I could remove that wood since none is left in Florida. No thanks for the brown now in my bottoms.

Jerry Zacuto and deceased Family