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Photos of FF at TJC - monkeyking - 07-28-2018

I just posted some photos of FF from his time at Temple Junior College.
Here is a link for those interested:

RE: Photos of FF at TJC - Becky from WV - 09-06-2018

@monkeyking - Wow! Great research! Do we actually know WHY he left college? I wonder if he had a major by that time. It would be interesting to hear about FF's field of study. Do you think he was drafted into the Korean Conflict?

RE: Photos of FF at TJC - McFly - 11-17-2018

He said the only reason he joined the air force was cause he was afraid he’d get drafted as a guy on the front line...

Awesome photos though! Basketball is my heart and soul! Goooo lakerrrrs!