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The Nine Clue List - Retired Postmaster - 05-01-2014

@astree - Besides samsmith and Old Timer, I believe there are others who have identified a different set of 9 clues.

Almost 6 months ago, I whispered that my 9 clues are like none that I had seen on any other forums. Nary a comment was made about it, but I wonder how many "lurkers" picked up on it, as perhaps they listened instead of being too busy talking.

The Nine Clue List - Guest - 05-01-2014

LOL Yeah RP I remember But ya won't let the dang cat out of the box....Show and tell time! or at least a puuurfect little hint... How about ya just let me tag along? I may not be able to carry the chest, But I think I can manage the sack full of gold and trinkets.

The Nine Clue List - Retired Postmaster - 05-01-2014

As always seeker, thanks for the smile!

The Nine Clue List - astree - 05-01-2014

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<b>Quote from Retired Postmaster on May 1, 2014, 12:35 pm</b>

@astree - Besides samsmith and Old Timer, I believe there are others who have identified a different set of 9 clues.

Almost 6 months ago, I whispered that my 9 clues are like none that I had seen on any other forums. Nary a comment was made about it, but I wonder how many "lurkers" picked up on it, as perhaps they listened instead of being too busy talking.


( I was just looking at the last letters of uP youR creek, as capitalized )

I also follow you and Seeker here, so thanks for chiming in. Could you direct me to your post, with the 9 clue-set you listed, or referenced?



The Nine Clue List - Old Timer - 05-01-2014

I do not believe anyone...excepting going to give up their 9 clue solution here. You might keep trying with him as he tends to want to keep courting danger...

RP, I would say that I feel that you are my primary competition at this point. Basically it just depends on who gets out there first it seems. With you moving your travel plans up, you have a decent chance to beat me out there. Good luck to you friend.


Just substitute "Samsmith" for the extant proper nouns as needed.

Old Timer

The Nine Clue List - Retired Postmaster - 05-01-2014

@astree- with almost 300 posts (seems like alot to me) I would not know where to look, as sometimes threads take off in different directions than originally intended. If I remember the gist of the comment, it was during a time that many on all 3 of the forums I have read, were putting out their lists of 9 clues and most were similar in that they listed their choice of the 9 sentences.

Originally, I never stressed about what the exact 9 clues were that Forrest talked about. I used the poem, the book and anything Forrest I found to bring me to a location last August. A few months later, I came across a different set of 9 clues, and surprisingly they took me to the same place.

I'm probably going back to "Fandango, The Key To The Wind" (I've always thought of you as competition there on Tweleve) at some point after I have gone as far as I can here. I believe it goes to 2020?? Good luck.

The Nine Clue List - Retired Postmaster - 05-01-2014

@Old Timer - thank you for the compliment, but I have always believed that the search field is level until someone finds the treasure. Confidence and a belief in yourself is always a positive but, because I have come to understand and respect the passion of so many on this forum, I would neither assume nor brag about my solution.

Good luck to you.

The Nine Clue List - samsmith - 05-02-2014

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<b>Quote from astree on May 1, 2014, 5:19 am</b>


samsmith and Old Timer,

Have either of you found the nine clues, unmistakably identified by Forrest ?

And, samsmith, another question rests on the "Lets Assume..." thread - have you changed from your original state of New Mexico search area, since finding the named location?



Sorry to take so long to answer, work got in the to your query..."unmistakably identified"?...I just know he said there were nine, I'll take him at his word...I've said all I intend to say about what I found...I just know where I will go, the poem told me..."every thing you need is in the poem"...the state is integral to the location so I won't give that up...from all I read on the different blogs, I think I'll be alone water anywhere you see...people think I'm nuts or a crackpot for that...think as you like, I know the words I see are not by accident or coincidence, they are there in black and white and unmistakable, finding them was the trick... Smile

The Nine Clue List - astree - 05-02-2014


HI Retired Postmaster,

[If I recall, you are in Florida ? We live in MD, and made a last minute trip (or 3rd one) to MDI last month (my Mom wanted to visit her aging uncle in Bangor, so I offered to drive and combined it with a Fandango search. We did not recover the key, but again wrote to the Stockwells asking for confirmation that the key was still hidden – and included an e-mail address for response – but have not received a reply.]

Back to “The Thrill” – I began working this puzzle like the rest ( at least those who have posted ); that is, at what I call the Level 1, where the words and sentences are used to literally identify physical locations and directions, per se. After months of that approach, and going down that tailspin that was recently discussed at this site, of near infinite possible combinations / information overload, I pulled back, took a deep breath, and began considering alternate ways of using the puzzle. Thus escaping, I believe, to be Forrest’s first and crowd-catching trap. Or, obtaining a pass at the first gate, I guess would be another way to put it.

So, two possible choices were available at that time: 1) that Forrest was a pretty poor puzzle-maker, and gave all possible information at Level 1 read ( but would really require additional information outside of the puzzle ), or 2) the puzzle was to be approached differently. I decided to assume that option 2 was viable, and give it a try. I’ve never looked back.

It’s been a lot of work, because he set other traps (loosely analogous to red herrings). One must do the work, and follow his directions precisely.

Now, I can tell you and samsmith, that after all that ( and it’s been about a year working under the second option ), I can say that he brings you full circle, back to a Level 1 read of the poem “as is”. But, without going through all the process, one would not know where to start for the return to the Level 1 read. ( this is where I can see that samsmith and I differ, because the return to Level 1 DOES include water … thank-you, too, samsmith, for your reply ). This results in a fully cohesive puzzle that really speaks to Forrest's intelligence AND the level of effort he put into it. (By the way, I was surprised, because the places I tried to brute force without completely following his directions, were not water-related).

Regarding hidden words, the show-me-the-money ones are well-concealed, but in putting is work together, he produced dozens (hundreds?) that are much easier to find, and I believe may be a by-product (subconscious?) of what he was doing.

Example: just pulling the “least useful” sentence that was referenced within the last week at this site”

“The answers I already know”

“the answers I alread YKNOW (WONKY) … I’ve done it TIRED” – where WONKY means TIRED

“the answers I al READ Y” … shortly thereafter … so WHY is it that I must go”

Not necessary, but fun. And, indicative that maybe something else is going on there.Smile

Good Luck,


( samsmith - I don't think you're nuts at all ... )

The Nine Clue List - mdavis19 - 05-02-2014

That is an excellent way of looking at things, Astree. You have to crash and burn. Then pick up the pieces and start again. Avoid the traps and Bozo filters. Look at things from a different perspective to help put the poem in the proper perspective. Then follow the poem more or less literally again.