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The Nine Clue List - will197532 - 05-02-2014

My next and possible last search is coming up and I would like to offer a solution that I've used to help me with the poem, when I've first started I have assumed that one clue per line in the poem but that's not the case IMO, 85% of the poem for me consist of two lines like ( begin where warm water halts and take it in the canyon down. ) and so on. This method has worked wonders for me and opens up more ideas that maybe how he came up with nine. If you use this method you can't get no more than nine out of the poem IMO but depends on how you interpret the stanzas. I intrepid the first and and fifth stanzas as descriptions of the location of the chest if assumed you never read his book you would need a guideline on where to start and area to base the clues on. Forrest said all you need is the poem and without the book there needs to be some type of legend in the poem.

The Nine Clue List - deb - 05-02-2014

Good luck everyone!

The Nine Clue List - Hank - 05-02-2014

Astree, I dig your thinking. I have kinda a similar approach. It needs to be dissected to extract the clues, and then put back together to reveal the linear directions. I spent a lot of time looking at the way words fit together, for instance. For some time I was trying to use the "s" at the end of wwwh (because I thought that is where the phrase ended) then adding it to "IT" to get sit...mehhhhhh got nowhere, over thinking big time, not to mention messing with the poem.

@Will, I have always thought the poem and the book are synonyomous and reciprocal with each other. I am not sure if he ever presented the poem to the pubic before releasing the book, maybe someone else can answer that. The poem is in the book, ff says all you need is the poem, and I think I can see how, but you have to know wwwh, and IMO there is a clue in the book for this.

I too took a long break to clear my nugget, and reassess. I went back with a simple approach and it was one of the lines way down in the poem that struck me when I first read it 2 years ago that sparked my new direction, a simpler one, so I am stoked to go out and take a look soon.

As far as the clues go, I went to what I thought was the most logical way to look at the poem IMO - the nine sentences. I tried the other way but couldn't decide what dictated a clue. Is it one word? Is it one of the 24 lines, or just part of the line? Which words were important in considering a clue. Is it "take it in the canyon down" or just "in the canyon." I felt I could get more info from making the 9 sent. the 9 clues.

Can't wait to go poke around the wood. Good luck everyone...

The Nine Clue List - Guest - 05-02-2014

A lot of interesting comments, about what the 9 clues could be. But let's forget the 9 clues for one moment and ask, what is the poem about?

The clues will tell you how to find the chest. But don't we need to understand the poem to find the 9 clues. Fenn stated [ paraphrasing ] folks got the first two clues correct and went right pass the other seven... they didn't know the significance of where they were.

Who's to say they didn't get all the clues, But only understood the first two.

Is it More important to know the 9 clues? or to understand what the poem means to use the clues? Cuz we all know the poem is just about the Author telling us where the trove is, right?

The Nine Clue List - will197532 - 05-02-2014

Seeker I agree but he put a question in the poem so that would indicate that you should know the meaning of the poem. Why did he leave his trove for all to seek?

The Nine Clue List - Guest - 05-02-2014


I guess I would have to know what your intake on that line means. but I think I know where your going with it, But What exactly is the poem about? Is the poem just about Fenn Hiding a chest?

The Nine Clue List - will197532 - 05-02-2014

Not trying to give much of anything away but I link T.S. Eliot — 'Time present and time pastare both perhaps present in time future,And time future contained in time past. which explains the double omegas and the last part of My War For Me! but it takes a deeper thought to understand that part but good luck!

The Nine Clue List - Guest - 05-02-2014

OK, Thanks for the reply.

The Nine Clue List - will197532 - 05-02-2014

I imagine we are on different views on this subject!

The Nine Clue List - Guest - 05-02-2014

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from will197532 on May 2, 2014, 1:03 pm</b>

I imagine we are on different views on this subject!

That's the brilliance behind the poem. It's all the different ways one can read it, imagine it, walk it, understand it, examine it, dissect it, etc.

Until one can see it as the way the Author intended it to be read, It's all an illusion, a mirage.