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The Nine Clue List - astree - 08-14-2014


Rather than odd, I'd say it's something that almost everyone is missing. ( I think Forrest would agree ).

The Nine Clue List - samsmith - 08-17-2014

I think you may be correct astree...To me there <b>IS</b> something being missed...But that's just me, and what do I know?...I suppose I'm just operating on a different frequency... Smile

The Nine Clue List - will197532 - 08-21-2014

I Google why would someone would put beer into a Ziplock bag and the only thing that comes is to make a ice pack cause beer won’t freeze!

The Nine Clue List - tomwhat - 08-21-2014

Beer will freeze just fine, and blow the cans open when they do. My wife found the two cans of PBR that I apparently put in the freezer last night, and had to clean up the mess.

The Nine Clue List - Cyndy - 08-22-2014

Hi Pro Fenner, Are you talking about ? Yes, I checked that website out again today - Forrests birthday - and there are many very interesting changes on the site (audio - and in those four boxes). Have you been able to figure anything out yet?


The Nine Clue List - Retired Postmaster - 08-23-2014

Stephanie, perhaps if someone from chasechat is lucky enough to find it, they will explain their WWWH.

My thoughts on simple, then difficult (but not impossible) could mean that finding the correct WWWH is not easy (of course), but once you find it you may realize/understand the simplicity of it all.

The Nine Clue List - tomwhat - 08-24-2014

I wonder if it has been found and the finder is simply keeping quiet.

The Nine Clue List - Guest - 08-24-2014

That thar is very possible and likely

The Nine Clue List - boomergirl - 08-24-2014

Forrest said the finder will be the type of person who wouldn't/couldn't keep quiet about it...My Daniel always told me "you have the right to remain silent, you just don't have the ability." Like many others I think I have the solve. Spending some time in my home town, which i now refer to as the land of the back at my spot come september... NTMI, your wife won't care what we do if you bring her back some jewels... LOL

The Nine Clue List - boomergirl - 08-24-2014

I think he has a tracking device in the chest, and the IOU means something else. I can always make something out nothing.