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The Nine Clue List - samsmith - 03-31-2015

HD...I think both actually...Literally because I think they were in the right location and just didn't realize it...If I am correct in my presumption, no one would guess that this place is the correct search location...The named location I have found hidden in the poem in no way fits the popular interpretations of the poem...They walked right by not only the other clues but possibly right by the treasure(within the 200 ft ff has said, that means anywhere between 1 ft and 200 ft), they could have been very close and didn't know it as they wandered the area sightseeing...

Figuratively is the why...They weren't really searching there because they did not know the significance of where they were, they had not followed the clues to get there to begin with, they were touristing at the time...If the first two clues are properly solved I think the location is revealed with these two clues, then clues 3 - 9 are boots on the ground looking and verifying...To me this is why ff thought they had solved the first two clues, because they told him where they were traveling as they went...He knew where they were walking around even if they didn't...At least this is the way I understand these occurrences and ff's comments...ff has also said the first two clues have been properly described in e-mails to him...

How this can be and no one has solved the others is what gets me...Even though I have not been there but by Google Earth, I can still follow the other clues I believe just from the way they read and what I see...I must admit I do have access to some photos only one other person has seen, my silent partner...He took them when he was there in 2013 but he had not completed solving the other 7 clues either before he went...When he had the location he made the trip to go looking but couldn't make the final connections on site and walked right by it himself...This is what he asked of me, finish the solution and we would split the treasure 25/75(his suggestion and choice)if I could find it...I will know in June if I have succeeded in doing that...ff will know also, and then everyone else as well...

I may very well wind up eating crow myself, but that's the nature of the chase on the blogs...I can live with it...I just know that what I am looking at is very well hidden but unmistakable and as straightforward as it can be...It is there, in the poem, and in plain English... Smile

Good luck and good hunting... Smile

The Nine Clue List - Woody Bogg - 04-04-2015

Hoosier.. That is a cool picture. The San Juans is where Louis L'Amour was going to build the old western town called Shaliko that was at the entrance to La plata canyon but the county would never ok the project. L'Amour was going to have me do the stone work . He some times stayed at a place called Tamaron north of Durango. Nice country!!!!!!

The Nine Clue List - samsmith - 04-04-2015

That's the four corners area isn't it Woody?...Too bad the plans came to naught..My older brother, and our Dad who has passed, have the entire collection of Louis L'Amour books in hardback, loved reading all of them...Have you every read his books, 'The Last of the Breed' and 'The Walking Drum'?...fascinating tales...Somewhere in that same area is the Lost Adams Diggings I believe, another lost treasure tale of the Old West...Has an interesting story behind it...I always wondered if one might luck onto the remains of the burnt cabin mentioned in the story...Under the hearthstone of the fireplace would be a fortune in gold... Smile

The Nine Clue List - Woody Bogg - 04-04-2015

Sam..Yes I have read all of his books and have spent many days wandering around in some of the areas his books are written about. Mom before she passed away had collected all of them and lots of them were signed by him. Growing up in the four corners area was such a neat experience and I still love that area very much but just like anywhere else things sure have changed We used to go fishing in La Plata river and have gold panned it. If you turn south at Hesperus you can go down the La-Plata river valley to farmington New -Mexico.The old Fort Lewis is just a few miles south of hesperus and we would go to the boy scout camp every year to get our merit badges.

The Nine Clue List - samsmith - 04-05-2015

Hey Plasma...Thanks for the offer...Would appreciate any and all of that info...Been one of my favorite treasure stories since I was a teenager...Even better than the Lost Dutchman...For the larger nuggets according to what I remember, one had to go above the falls on the stream that ran through the valley...The reason the Indians attacked and wiped the party out...They went where they agreed not to go, the area was sacred to the Indians...At least that was the tale I read about... Smile

How do you think the story came about?...PM me if you wish... Smile

The Nine Clue List - deb - 04-05-2015

That red ochre is an interesting subject. I never knew why some areas have different colored soils. I found much to be interesting while researching how pigments are made.

I have seen areas with lovely red soils, yellow,

grayish, white, pink and even green.

Lots to learn from the chase. Remember the rusty pants from the slide? I am

thinking a reddish soil ? Who knows, he posts on so many subjects! Smile

The Nine Clue List - samsmith - 04-06-2015

Thanks a million for that Plasma...Would hope to one day go traipsing around in there just to look around, ya know?...Doubt it possible though...So, from AZ into NM huh?...Sounds about right for the story I remember...Did you keep the Dutch's pipe or did another claim it?...On the GE view, that's the zigzag trail up to the bear's head in the center isn't it, and the trail continues to what looks like South?...Interesting...I surely don't want any part of a Mohave Green either, learned of them while in NV a few years back...Small species of rattlesnake but a highly toxic venom I think...Worse than a Diamondback bite...Looks like you had a great trip and some great photos to boot...Thanks again... Big Grin

The Nine Clue List - decall - 04-06-2015

@plasmalupus great story. love the pictures

The Nine Clue List - Retired Postmaster - 04-07-2015

Thanks Plasmalupus...quite interesting pictures and comments.

The Nine Clue List - boomergirl - 04-15-2015

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from Hoosier Daddy on April 14, 2015, 6:58 pm</b>

Pop Quiz -

The fist clue in the poem is:

A. As I have gone alone...

B. Begin it where warm waters halt..

C. Something else

D. Combinations of the above

E. None of the above

Explainations are encouraged

A of course