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The Nine Clue List - trigace - 05-11-2015

I think "it's out of my hands now..." is referring to the same thing as when he said something like, "The path will be sure for the one who has certainty beforehand." There are things on the ground in my search area that fit both of these statements. There is a certain "T" that is immediately "beforehand" and the path leads to a shore.

But I also think both of his statements have a double meaning. The first meaning is the obvious one as has been discussed. But the second meaning is not so obvious and is meant to give a confirmation hint along the path to the treasure. It will only be helpful if you are already very familiar with the area.

I'm probably giving out too much information.

The Nine Clue List - geydelkon - 05-14-2015

So, did anyone solve the poem?

The Nine Clue List - deb - 05-14-2015

No one has the treasure in their hands so apparently not?

The Nine Clue List - Buddy Allen - 05-14-2015

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from geydelkon on May 14, 2015, 7:38 pm</b>

So, did anyone solve the poem?

What do you think? Everybody in prison is innocent and everybody here has solved the poem, so say we all.

The Nine Clue List - Project Why - 05-14-2015

I don't know why anyone would think someone solved it? Hell, ain't two people even on the same page. We can't even agree on what the FIRST clue is. :-( But hey, people have been within 200' from it!! :-) What a freaking huge carrot dangling in front of us.

The Nine Clue List - Woody Bogg - 05-14-2015

Laugh..... It's safer where it's at than in a Bank!!!!!!!... Elmer Fudd never will catch Bugg's Bunny

The Nine Clue List - deb - 05-15-2015

LOL. Did they turn left at Albuquerque?

The Nine Clue List - Retired Postmaster - 05-18-2015

@Hoosier Daddy....just reminded me that I was in Niagara Falls on that exact date!....Maybe when/if Forrest stated the actual date, it would be interesting to match where you were on that date (slightly like when JFK was shot; 9/ll and the 1965 (11/9) Northeast blackout)

You never know whether that "what the heck" works unless you try stepping outside the box and 'dancing on the edges.

The Nine Clue List - Buddy Allen - 05-19-2015

I've been a staunch believer for 3 years that the 9 clues are over by take the chest and go in peace. I have however recently discovered that take the chest and go in peace is a head fake and it is only part of clue 7. There are still 2 more clues to go after stanza 4. Reshuffling the clues is a bit of a game changer. It emphasizes the importance of determining just what the 9 clues are. At this point I think that there are at least 2 clues that use multiple lines in the poem. What the heck that's my story I'm sticking to it.

The Nine Clue List - 3paulb - 05-20-2015