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The Nine Clue List - 3paulb - 06-25-2015

I had to postpone a trip scheduled for mid June due to family matters. Those things having been addressed,I will leave at my earliest opportunity.

Very soon.

I am not a searcher, I will walk to the spot I have chosen and it will be there or not. There is no room for error in the correct solution.

If the interpretation is correct the person will walk directly to it. Regardless of what it looks like on the ground.

I would not consider any trip that entailed searching.

My interpretation describes an extraordinarily specific location, with very unusual landmarks. There is no other place these circumstances and landmarks could come together in this fashion. Some natural, some guided by the hand of man.

The Nine Clue List - 3paulb - 06-26-2015

Yes it is in New Mexico.

The Nine Clue List - 3paulb - 06-26-2015

I will tell what I find, and I will share my interpretation, although it is much less exciting than most of the imaginary solves I've read.

I am confident I will find something Forest placed here. Hopefully the chest, but possibly another clue, bell or jar.

I am confident, but by no means arrogant. It has been difficult to get where I am, but I thoroughly understand it could get harder than this.

The Nine Clue List - sloth - 07-01-2015

Want to take family to mountains this summer. Can anyone tell me where to look first? Best solution? Don't really need to find anything, just fun.

The Nine Clue List - sloth - 07-02-2015

I guess your opinion on the best shot at finding chest and whatever comes with it. looks like Yellowstone is probabably where it is most likely to be. I have two teenage boys and an RV. I know Yellowstone is a big place. Does any one know where to start, the first two clues?

The Nine Clue List - sloth - 07-03-2015

Thanks, Hoosier I didn't realize. I thought there had to have been a couple of places that were being zeroed in. My boys are working with google earth. Great app! Wow! Maybe we will see you guys out there. Have a great summer 8-)

The Nine Clue List - Project Why - 07-05-2015

It doesn't matter what Forrest Fenn has done or what Stephanie has said or what I have said or what anyone has said or done, .....NOTHING can ever take away from the 'treasures' and the 'experiences' that exist in nature and from adventure and exploration and the beauty and knowledge of being 'in the wood'. There is nothing that anyone can say or do that can EVER change that. No one can EVER take away from you. Family is the real treasure. Enjoy the chase!!

The Nine Clue List - Project Why - 07-06-2015


The Nine Clue List - ksteph - 07-06-2015

From what I've read, most YNP searchers are up near the North Entrance. But the whole Park is worth seeing! I've been several times, buyt I live In WY. It's rally slow going so don't be in a hurry. Get reservations in advance! The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is a must! If you enter through Cody, son't miss the Buffalo Bill Museum! Plan on a few hours...If you have any questions, you can PM me.

The Nine Clue List - ItsAllMine - 07-06-2015

1. I found where warm waters halt.

2. I know how far too far to walk is.

3. I know what Brown and what was put in.

4. Yes it is no place for the meek but we aren't going that way.

5. No paddle up the creek, the creek is not big enough but could be cold.

6. There are no more heavy loads but the water is high.

7. I've been wise and found the Blaze.

8. So I'm looking down below it.

9. Looking in the woods.

10. He had to have gone in there bold it is a popular place.