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The Nine Clue List - jdh - 07-07-2015

Mel, I got me an order of crow walking' through the door... and it's all mine, Burn one and keep it alive.

Flo, you know we don't serve that crap here! This is a 'fine' dinning establishment.

Mel, kiss my grits! Now git out back and find me one. This here searcher's hungrier than an alley cat in your garbage can. (you see, Mel don't throw nothin' out)

Stow it Flo!

Alice, will you slide me a cup of mud for this fine looking young thing here? Would you like some sugar for that, Sugar?

Don't mind them... Hi, I'm Alice, you ever been to Los Angeles?

Mel's Diner.

It's open whenever you're ready.


The Nine Clue List - sloth - 07-07-2015

My youngest found this online . Has anyone seen this? This changes my whole summer plan. I think we will visit MLB ballparks now. Or is this a fake? Asking the experts.

The Nine Clue List - Larsonist - 07-07-2015

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from sloth on July 7, 2015, 6:39 pm</b>

My youngest found this online . Has anyone seen this? This changes my whole summer plan. I think we will visit MLB ballparks now. Or is this a fake? Asking the experts.

Decide for yourself. Here's what the folks here had to say about it:

[url] [/url]

The Nine Clue List - The White Knight - 07-10-2015

Similar to a lot of yourselves I've worked for quite a while on the Chase and believe I'm getting somewhere. Please have a look at my blog page to see what you think of my solutions to the clues. These answers are very different to anything you will see anywhere else, yet are backed up by robust confirmatory information:

So far I have listed the answers to:

- Where warm waters halt.

- The home of Brown.

- So hear me all and listen good.


The White Knight

The Nine Clue List - Retired Postmaster - 07-10-2015

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<b>Quote from crazyfamily on July 9, 2015, 11:13 pm</b>

Waiting for low tide.

@crazyfamily....Thanks for the smile! AND...I second that!

I grew up within walking distance of the Long Island shore, experiencing the dangers of both walking forever out into the L.I. Sound at low tide and the pull of rip currents (undertow) in the Atlantic Ocean.

Perhaps astree has gotten to also enjoy walking to Bar Island at low tide (Bar Harbor ME) and the wonders of Acadia NP's "Thunder Hole" between tides. (Fandango searching).

The Nine Clue List - Project Why - 07-17-2015

No one truly 'knows' what the Nine Clues are. That will always be a guess, .....until the chest is found. They will continually need to be pondered and discussed. In the meantime, even when things seem to 'halt' .....must have patience, must lay low, waiting, .....then move forward.

I've never questioned whether the chest was hidden, .....only if the poem is solvable or not.

Now, I can't speak for everyone, because we are all different and some come and some go, that will always be the case, but for me, ..........

As long as there is a treasure 'out there', .....I will always be searching for it in one capacity or another. For I am but a nomad and the chest is my chase, .....I will follow the trail and the sign wherever it takes me, .....must show diversity, adapt and overcome, Endurance, .....for the words lead us in many, many directions. And there are "many places in the mountains where warm waters halt"!! Wander too far off course? .....and your survival is threatened. Get too close? .....and it catches your scent and vanishes into thin air. Some lose faith. Some never had any to begin with, .....and the landscape overcomes them. And the questions, although appropriate, become too much to bear. And the bear eats you alive!! Must move with a purpose, sometimes with brute force, sometimes slowly and methodically, .....but go wherever it leads you, for there is no other way, .....and when the time is right, .....sneak up on it with your mind, pull back and let your theory fly.......... and maybe, just maybe, you will hit your mark?? .....but if not, .....keep tracking and keep searching, but never stop thinking..........

See ya' in the wood. :-)

The Nine Clue List - mdavis19 - 07-17-2015

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<b>Quote from Jason on July 17, 2015, 9:23 pm</b>

Well folks, today it was finally hot enough to complain about how hot it was...... A blistering 98* with a 110* heat index.......

I spent most of the day suffering, both mentally and physically, in forced silence over the brutal cruelties practiced upon me by the nuclear inferno raging in the sky......... By about 3:30 this afternoon, I was feeling plenty sorry for myself...... and so I sat down under a tree and started to ponder if anything was left of my <i>future</i>.......

I don't know if it was just the heat, or perhaps a momentary congestion of blood in my cerebral cortex, but I actually had a fairly lucid thought concerning the poem and the chase........

WHAT IF the clues in the poem are actually describing events that might occur <i>IN THE FUTURE</i>???

Fenn says he is curious about the future - "<i>Those who will be living in the future really arouse my curiosity.</i>"

He thinks the past is nothing more than a forgotten history, and he wants to impact the future - "<i>I’ve never been willing to stand idly by and be part of a forgotten history when I may be able to impact future events.</i>"

He says the chest might not be found for 1000 years....... "<i>Is there any wisdom in trying to cause momentary excitement in some future millennium?</i>"

But perhaps most telling of all, Fenn says that he "<i>...planned</i> [his]<i> <b>future</b> up to one detail short of the final bier.</i>" SO does the planning of his future include writing the poem and book as well as hiding the chest? And maybe what he is really saying is that he <b><i>planned THE FUTURE</i></b>!!! As in, he planned the poem to take place in the future (which would royally screw up all the verb tenses)....... So maybe the poem is really a story from the future? And looking at historical place names and events is fruitless?

Does this make sense? Or should I go to the hospital for observation?

You are scaring me. Go to the hospital. Get sedated. Get re-hydrated. Flirt with some pretty nurses, and forget all about that idea. It is dangerously close to an idea I had a while back for a future solution to the poem. You think way too much like me sometimes.


The Nine Clue List - astree - 07-18-2015


I'll take counterpoint, PW.

FindingTHE 9 clues should be a primary objective that confirms itself.


The Nine Clue List - Project Why - 07-18-2015

I'll also take counterpoint, astree.

Interesting that some 'guessed' the first TWO, but couldn't figure out the rest.


The Nine Clue List - astree - 07-20-2015

Yes, and as a set should enable one to identify one..and only one..precise location. No ambiguity.