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Harry's is Fenn's Favorite ?? - filmguy - 01-18-2019

I'm doing some catching up and I guess I missed Harry's site is Fenn's favorite.

Is this a self-proclamation?
What proof do they have?

I can't find anything where Fenn has referenced the site or even mentioned it in passing. More smoke blowing? Consistently reminding oneself (even if true) is a sign of insecurity.

RE: Harry's is Fenn's Favorite ?? - NutJob - 01-18-2019

Forrest Fenn actually posted on, but it has been shut down.

It’s hiw I found all the clues to my spot a real spot. All ScrapBook 32 the missing scrapbook. Now it’s all gone.

RE: Harry's is Fenn's Favorite ?? - filmguy - 01-18-2019

Didn't he also post that Brown in the poem does in fact refer to Charlie Brown.
It's too bad the site is shut down so I can't confirm this or provide proof. (satire)