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Open Letter to the Forum - jdh - 04-05-2014

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<b>Quote from ThrillChaser on April 5, 2014, 3:48 pm</b>

As far as I'm concerned the drama on this site is primarily caused by three things:

1) Saying something is a fact when it is an opinion.

2) Not saying "in my opinion" when expressing an opinion related to the solution/location of the chest. A one-time "Everything I say is an opinion" is not an acceptable substitute.

3) Claiming you have "the" solution, to the blaze, chest, whatever. If you have "a" solution, fine, everyone does. If you believe you have "the" solution, call it "a" solution, or shut up until you find it.


I agree with Thrill, and yes, I may be an idiot. It's OK. I've been called worse.

The reason it is so important to say that you are only giving your opinion is because when you say "this is THE solution", what I hear is "you (the reader) are wrong", "your ideas are crap" and "you don't know anything!". This may not be what your intent is, or what you are actually saying, but I assure you, it is what a lot of people are hearing inside their mind, and they react to it.

No one wants to be told that their hard work and time has been spent on an idea that you have concluded is foolish. Give everyone their due, that their solution COULD BE the correct one, UNTIL you have the chest in hand. Then and only then can you rightly say anything that sounds like "you are wrong".


Open Letter to the Forum - Becky from WV - 04-05-2014

Wolf & Everyone - Did we have these problems a year ago? Not that I remember. No one even hinted at their solutions - just a statement such as "Going to NM next week to search." No serious searchers would even want to give out any of their info on the blogs. That's just cutting your own throat. Why would you do that? We used to actually discuss the clues. Not where we think the treasure is located, but what wwwh could mean & all the different Brown possibilities - stu-ff like that. Now it's just people who have nothing to contribute, & have very few new ideas, so they post a bunch of nonsense. Also huge pictures that waste everyone's time & make the posts difficult to read.

I think we all have secret search ideas that we don't want to make public. Nor do we want anyone else to inadvertently divulge that same info - perhaps not realizing its importance. That could just be the missing piece for another searcher. Saying something indirectly, like Halogetter suggested, seems to lead to a slew of questions. When the poster refuses to answer them, out come the claws & accusations. It's a dilemma, & there probably is no satisfactory solution because (like it or not) we're all opponents trying to win the best way we can. I know I am. Aren't you?

Open Letter to the Forum - fundamental design - 04-05-2014

Might be hard to fix all the drama in this chase because of the dilemmas. But I like the words and effort!

Doesn't mean we can't think a few steps ahead and come up with a future treasure hunt with a social bent. To have a better chance of winning you must be cordial and help each other. I've been working on this for years.

Open Letter to the Forum - deb - 04-05-2014

Much ado about nothing. Smile From what I see nobody believes the next person anyway. Wolf, there is always Mikes blog. Smile

Open Letter to the Forum - Old Timer - 04-07-2014

I, for one, have greatly appreciated the open forum with minimal moderation that is present here. The anxiety of the many individuals who have invested multiple years in this hunt is certainly understandable given the additional searchers that will most certainly have been added this year. The new book plus the additional promotional activity by FF has created exactly what he wanted...a more active search with a larger pool of searchers. I have said before and will reiterate here that FF wants the treasure found before he dies and this year would be sooner rather than later which would suit him fine. I believe he is tiring of the constant "hubbub" and wants this to be done. He anticipated some of this, but there is no way he could have anticipated everything that has shame in realizing it was a bit more jerky than he could chew comfortably.

Old Timer

Open Letter to the Forum - Nora Kelly - 04-07-2014

It will be interesting to see his participation in this outcome if so........

Open Letter to the Forum - SantaFe - 04-07-2014

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from Halogetter on April 5, 2014, 6:45 pm</b>

Remember that the posts you take are equal to the posts you make.


Unless of course you one of the THOUSANDS of LURKERS... then not so much...


Open Letter to the Forum - deb - 04-07-2014

LOL Makes you wonder doesnt it, how many there are actually are lurking? I never have understood watching and not participating? Smile

Open Letter to the Forum - Halogetter - 04-07-2014

"I like to watch."

-Chauncey Gardener (Peter Sellers), in <i>Being There</i>

Okay, so let's hear at least 10 posts RIGHT NOW from watchers. You're invited.


Open Letter to the Forum - Goosfraba - 04-07-2014

Whats the difference between lurking and watching?