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Open Letter to the Forum - will197532 - 04-07-2014

Halo you can watch me pick up the chest and run all the way to the car.

Open Letter to the Forum - deb - 04-07-2014

My post asks do bells play any part in the solve? Smile

What about frogs and dragonflies? What does listen good mean to you? Anything on any searchers mind they wish to talk about?

Open Letter to the Forum - emmett - 04-07-2014

hi deb;

Frogs and dragonflies are commonly found in Fens.

I think FF is found of bronze-no connection that I can see.

Hi Deb:

Frogs and dragonflies are common to Fens.

I can't see any connection to bells- I think he admires the qualities of Bronze.

I think we both know what listen good means to us.

how r u?, emmett