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Candles lit - Riddlemethat - 04-28-2019

Why are the candles ablaze? They were lined up at my site. Most of the candles were different, I don’t think they were left by campers. One of the candles had a grin feature on it. It was an uncomfortable setting though, puddles all over. Didn’t want to get muddy.

RE: Candles lit - Riddlemethat - 04-28-2019

(04-28-2019, 03:18 AM)thrilledtochase Wrote: And you just made my watch’re still a few miles from where you need to be if you’re finding the same candles I found...

Maybe you passed it, look quickly down. Good luck!

RE: Candles lit - lingerlonger - 04-29-2019

smell the waters?

RE: Candles lit - Riddlemethat - 04-30-2019


Candles were even drawn out

(04-30-2019, 10:24 PM)Riddlemethat Wrote: ()

Candles were even drawn out

Well I tried, but this site pushes everything to the left

RE: Candles lit - Riddlemethat - 05-05-2019

(04-29-2019, 01:46 PM)lingerlonger Wrote: smell the waters?

The water was crystal clear, no smell, but if I would of walked in it I knew it would of changed to mud.

RE: Candles lit - wwwamericana - 06-21-2019

(05-03-2019, 09:28 AM)fallingrock Wrote: for my Good Friend JP.

i was able to verify your photo. please contact me if you would like to add reference on your page. i hope you and the boys are doing much Good'r than i. was thinking about a certain pooch this mornin'.

i feel Good today about tomorrow being Shoesday. i hope you all know how much i love y'all, i f Shoesday never comes...

[Image: 74c1f1c936e6e37429076ae47e881bc8.jpg]

i have the key to 1 i'd will, e.

Soooo excited! YES! You know how to reach me (I think).

RE: Candles lit - kwodadesign - 06-22-2019

for anyone keeping their (x) on the bird...
it was not at the (x)7.
I have yet to cross the mote(500') N2 the gates of the GOID Castle. I have located every point out there on the hill. The candle flickers only until the flames moment to fall. I have been enjoying my crowslaw and priderock casserole. The codes that popped this time aren't repairable. I am out of the running. Good Game

I wish you all well.

light a candle for me

RE: Candles lit - 5GIRLS - 06-25-2019

keep workin this

RE: Candles lit - J Smith - 06-25-2019

Most likely devil worshippers.

RE: Candles lit - lingerlonger - 08-05-2019

After the old man is gone this can only go wherever we are able to take it. I'm glad I was born when I was. This has been quite an adventure, Bubba. I don't like to admit I'm having a good time. My grandfather Sam was a hard ass and he wouldn't have any of that.