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RE: Wyoming Zip Codes - Beavertooth - 05-14-2019

(05-14-2019, 08:59 AM)filmguy Wrote: From what I can recall Fenn said they clues in the book weren't intentionally placed.
This would qualify as intentional.

From what I can recall Fenn said searchers need to get back in the box.
This would qualify as way out of the box.

Carry on.
Maybe I should change my name to Dr. Smashyourtheory

Fenn said the hints in the book were not deliberately placed. Which means something completely different in my dictionary.

Who knows what box Fenn is referring to? This idea was creative and new, and was shared with the rest of us. Why be a nattering nabob of negativism when someone offers something constructive to discuss?

Are you sure you have the capacity to become a Dr. Smashyourtheory?
Why would you even want to?

Wyoming Zip Codes - crazyfamily - 05-14-2019

(05-14-2019, 08:41 AM)John Brown Wrote:
(05-14-2019, 08:31 AM)Beavertooth Wrote: That's a creative find. The Wyoming Frontier Prison Museum is there. "As I have gone alone in there" may refer to one of the outlaws suggested in the past by Redford's book "The Outlaw Trail, A Journey Through Time" or one of the other outlaws that have been used in searches in the past (i.e., Brown's Hole, etc).

but it only works if you skip a number.
Ironically, it’s a cipher of a code.


RE: Wyoming Zip Codes - 5GIRLS - 05-15-2019

Deeep says "about 8" is 7 and 9. Besides being gold's name it is Lubbock's zip. About 8= 79, he is 8 and OVERheard 2 ladies= 8/2=4. 794, then 30= 79430 Lubbock. IF HE WAS DOING THIS, THIS IS HOW HE'D DO IT.