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What’s in a name? - crazyfamily - 06-05-2019

Crazyfamily - (not my real name) is a name we actually call ourselves because we are a decidedly unconventional family. We do things our way with little concern for what others think about us. We surely don’t have a monopoly on the title, but we try to live up to it most of the time(it’s getting difficult with age and we’re not as crazy as we used to be, but we try).

You won’t see us on the trail because our solution is unique. You won’t see us at ‘Bree because we shy away from fanfare(hence the screen name in place of an actual name). Really, crazyfamily has been an effective way to interact with many egos here with little concern for being taken seriously. Certainly, they must be crazy!

Ironically, crazyfamily is an excellent moniker for the entire chase community, in a more literal sense. Welcome to the family!