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Who lives near Steamboat Springs - Gilagin - 06-21-2019

I'm looking for an honest searching partner. I've done all the research since 2015, and have had BTG three times in my solve location. I will send (by email) one Google Earth photo to convince you that everyone has read the book (TTOTC) without understanding what ff has stated over and over in the book, quoting Einstein (page 14) "Imagination is more important than Knowledge," (page 136) "Imagination is better than Knowledge," (Page 139) "Imagination is more important than knowlege." FF sculpted those quotes onto a bell and a jar. Forrest was pounding that quote into the reader's heads; he even changed the quote and the spelling just to bring attention to it and yet no one caught on.

There is one more page in the book that unlocks the location, and that will be revealed only to the individual I strike-up a deal with.

So, the closer you live to Steamboat Springs the easier it will be for the both of us.

Only those with positive attitudes need reply.