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An X in the poem - Kermit - 08-15-2019

I was messing around with the NATO Phonetic Alphabet today and I found something interesting.

I was looking at the word for X on the NATO Alphabet table which is Xray.

Next to Xray was the Phonic Pronunciation which was ECKS-RAY.

I looked in the poem for the ECKS. I found them in the phrase

juSt taKe the ChEst
S K C E reversed is ECKS (X)

It could be coincidence but I found it something to consider.

Just thought I'd share. Peace out.

RE: An X in the poem - Chris Yates - 08-15-2019

RE: An X in the poem - astree - 08-16-2019

The EKS was pointed out when the EYE KEY (at the same column) was,
. The EYE KEY was posted a day or so before Forrest wrote about “tight focus on acword that is key”

EKS is also the acostic from scrapbook 62

S...ome searchers
K...nowing about
E...X ..cellent