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The Disease. - Sorry Deuce - 09-02-2019

I'm just flying around in Google Earth. I've been doing this for days, exploring the mountains in Gallatin, working my way North from Hebgen Lake, diving into crevices and draws and scanning plateaus and peaks, it's gorgeous even in digital form. I can only dream of one day seeing it for real.

And suddenly I fly into an area where the mountains have what appear to be a disgusting infection of worms. It looks like a blight on the hills. I almost retch for a moment and then zoom out.

Oh, it's just Big Sky, MT. I quickly fly away from the diseased area, vowing never to look at it again.

Ever have your secret favorite 'alone' spot in the mountains bulldozed right through for a "mountain chateau" style development? I have.

The Disease. - fallingrock - 09-05-2019

buildings become parking lots and parking lots become buildings...

We weren't finished with the whole westword expansion manifest destiny. We encountered some hostiles and caged them. The only thing we could do then was exactly what 'they' wanted. Strange, that. In a way I don't want anymore people out in the Mountains for the purpose of finding riches. I'd rather have them out there for a living.

I'm not gone long and run into this...