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Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 10-22-2014

Second Question.

why do you think that this is something Steph/Admin enjoys seeing as a friendly conversation??

Your instigation and trash talking my work from your so called salaried position as a Professional in the industry??

You are a PA right.......Coffee Time

Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 10-22-2014

BTW the way you can tell that there is something of value to a post and a how many posts each member has made, vs how many views the public have read these posts....

your reps on the line bud, not mine....

so stop acting friendly when you ruined that chance......your apology is obviously not sincere to Steph or to me

Eldorados Gold - Guest - 10-22-2014

I work for the red dragon. You invited me to meet you at your secret spot ....and I did. I also work for a highly classified network of spies. We are the ones that turned you into a statue back before you were reincarnated. We flew 10+ people out to leave footprints all over your spot just to enhance the look on your face when you expressed your 'tarry scant'. ( was priceless) we have been watching you for awhile now....we are always watching....don't blink.

Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 10-22-2014

Good to know you aren't really a guest of the site then, more of a Lurking type who picks your enemies before your friends

BTW the Red Dragon is actually the Dalai Lama....

So much for Karma being a Bitch, Huh???

Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 10-22-2014

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from on October 22, 2014, 6:30 pm</b>

The greatest part about this is that 99% of ppl would have banned you for using inappropriate language....however your posts, and your psychosis happen to be so hysterically funny that it would be a shame to remove them or you from this sight!! I think I have cried from laughing at least 3 different points. No wonder so many people have wanted to observe this thread. It's like a natural geographic special on why not to do drugs!! Please. Continue!!! I was really hoping you'd elaborate on the part where you come across the statue of a man that you believe to be yourself in the past life....

Sorry bout that, thought you were a PA looking for a new lead to perk your Boss with......about fellow hunters.

Why not to do drugs.........HMMMMMMM??

Cause Pharmaceuticals are made with 99% filler??? all created from a Petroleum based mineral extract......?

Just say no to drugs???......because they are being monopolized through Israeli companies???

Or that the actual cures of the MideWiWin come from a race of people you fear deep inside your heart???

Or is that the latest excuse for your drunken belligerence online.....

hey its legal right.....??

Plenty of room on that Bandwagon of an excuse for a Human Being

Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 10-22-2014

Whats a Natural Geographic Special.....?

Is that for Special people who are supporters of the slower to interpret, yet similar of the Erectus nature.......HOMO ERECTUS...?

Same Dick, But Different set of Balls???

Please enlighten me about reincarnation.....

...I am so lost here looking for words that actually hold a true meaning to their origins

Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 10-22-2014


Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 10-24-2014

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from India on October 23, 2014, 6:17 am</b>

El..."guest" asked me to point out that in moderators discussion et al you whined and complained until they were not allowed to post anymore because you felt humiliated and embarrassed. Surely you noted this as you posted on that thread after it was announced...yet now you continue? I'm not sure who you are talking to here since you know they aren't allowed on the sight. Maybe it's to feed your ego, or maybe yet another sign of your schizophrenic tendencies....either way it may be wise to focus on other things since you already had to call in the moderator to fight your battles and kick out the other person involved...yet obviously didn't want it to stop after making all these posts once they can't respond. Maybe this was just to save face?-surely everyone knows you are only preaching to yourself when you had the other party banned. This is just silly and you are embarrassing yourself to the point of mental competency in general...far past your recent FAIL. This will be my only post and only login so I won't be reading/responding to whatever nonsense you respond with. My only advice is that after crying to mommy to save you (which she did) certainly seem to be continuing the conversation on your own. That's just sad. I hope you get whatever professional help you need

Such extremes....I also wrote that I couldn't check my pm's or check replies from admin....

which has been fixed and all has been said and done now....

helps I guess to put the finishing touches on it.....

just wanted to say thanks to whoever it was that followed me out there and showed up 15 minutes after I did

that made me feel like I was onto something.....

now off to the second location up in the 'ear'

Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 10-27-2014

Looks like the cut is the blaze to me

[Image: 68x06-Ancient-Mining-Activity.jpg]

Eldorados Gold - anonymouse - 02-26-2015

There was a guy called Frank M. Brown who drowned in the Marble Canyon. Maybe the 'Brown' in the poem refers to him? Maybe where he lives is where his body was found, or where he was laid to rest? I think brown is definitely a name, as it is capitalised within the poem.