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Eldorados Gold - mdavis19 - 05-17-2014

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<b>Quote from Seeker on May 17, 2014, 12:38 pm</b>
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<b>Quote from scott W on May 17, 2014, 12:29 am</b>
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<b>Quote from mdavis19 on May 16, 2014, 7:50 pm</b>
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<b>Quote from Eldorado on May 16, 2014, 5:04 pm</b>

so thanks for reaffirming that it might be NEAR the area I have chosen........and thanks again cause I had never heard that "It goes with the statement Mr. Fenn made to Dal about the box being surrounded by trees"

That has been discussed at length in the past. I am of the opinion that it is just another of Fenn's non-clue clues. After all, every place on Earth is technically surrounded by trees, even if the nearest trees are 200 miles away, or more than 300 miles west of Toledo.

Pride goeth before a fall. Fenn said the finder of the treasure will move with confidence. He didn't say over-confidence. A lot of people have been crowing their over-confidence here this year, and have embarked, or claim they will soon embark, not on searches, but on recovery missions. The year is early yet, but the results are already starting to come in.

illinoisghost - Struck out

Plato II - Sruck out

Eldorado - Yet to be determined

Samsith - Yet to be determined

Old Timer- Yet to be determined

I have to say it is very entertaining to watch, kind of like watching NASCAR just to see the crashes. Pass the popcorn.


scott W - yet to be determined.</div>

I'm feeling a bit left out too. Apparently, I don't even stand a chance... Now which Dam do I need to start at? I have hob...we all know it's a dang fish, right? :?</div>

All it takes to make the list is serious over-confidence in your solution. I haven't seen that in you, yet. You still seem to be "seeking" completion.


Eldorados Gold - Guest - 05-17-2014

Oh! I'm have a completion to my solve, and I am absolutely, over -confidence that, I have no idea what the solution is.

Eldorados Gold - morecowbell - 05-18-2014

Seems like you might just get that $20 after all mdavis19. I guess its down to me to end this thing lol. Wink

Eldorados Gold - mdavis19 - 05-18-2014

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from morecowbell on May 18, 2014, 1:21 pm</b>

Seems like you might just get that $20 after all mdavis19. I guess its down to me to end this thing lol. Wink

Morecowbell - Yet to be determined


Eldorados Gold - morecowbell - 05-18-2014

before the end of the month mdavis19 or I will send the $20.

Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 05-19-2014

Back from philly and what a rush that to go to the Union League Hall, and talk about a treasure trove !.......these temples are massive and house some old relics from back in the time of the civil war era......

crazy golden emblems, symbolic and encrypted meaning in almost every fresco and design of the architecture itself.....

when walking down the street, couldn't help but think how much hidden treasure there was somewhere in Philly, and there ended up being the phrase "If Youve Been Wise and Found the Blaze", stuck in my head......crazy I know, but even more crazy was the next building I came upon, featured a blazing fire seal, of some sort of old timer business, and it made me feel like I was on the chase....

Forrest...if you're reading this, thanks for the inspiration ! I found the blaze I was looking for....

later that day when trolling around looking for a place to smoke a cigarette, I asked for a light and struck up conversation with probably the best opportunity there was to sell my vehicles to in Philly.

It was an E-Bike dealer who gave me a light, and his number to get into partnership with his crew.

Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 05-30-2014

So now Im absolutely convinced he's thrown us a curve ball and we have been within 500 feet of it......Im convinced he's gotten wind we've been close....and he's trying to throw us off about a it seems so many were close and now after this last report it seems completely dead quiet...

So many people were going for a river and dam system its unnerving to see it all washed downriver......i think hes getting worried it will be found before the thousands years is up ! LOL

I have looked for hours scouting the map areas......and nothing lines up better than my original solve......Im going to make a look without getting to involved....its a historic area so its worth the travels.

Will be updating the crew with my solve the day I leave for the west....probably after the july 4th holiday.......gonna fly out to denver to see my brother and go for a drive to a few locations ive been scouting......

then if they dont lead me anywhere im going for a long drive to the original point of my solve and hope for the best.

Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 05-30-2014

To the home of Brown we go.....

off to the Blaze with fire under my saddle......

[Image: h47xj-8.jpg]

Eldorados Gold - deb - 05-30-2014

Listen to Forrest. Doesn't matter what searchers think, he leveled the playing field. In effect he gave many a great big old leg up. Lucky them to not have to waste more time on that idea. Smile

Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 05-31-2014

The blaze is a Kiln that was used to smelt metals and create charcoal from burnt the wood.......tarry scant.....easily scorched by fire......the home of Brown........the Blaze......

The areas that this factory was created in, is high in mineral composition, and is in the desert......where he described first wandering to leave his gold. The company that set up this Blaze Kiln, created names for their sites.....

this one is known on the Historical Record, and is affiliated with the mine called "The Hidden Treasure", named in the early 1900's by the company that erected them.

the record spoke about some wooden posts and frames that were used as "Loading Docks" with "Loading Doors" encased in wood frames

....just heavy loads..........

Too many clues solved in one site to ignore a point on the map appears like a fiery blaze, and is in a dry creekbed in a high desert area, surrounded by waters high on the ridge.

The word found.....the word foundry......the word blaze.....all pointing to this location.......its within 500 feet of an old house as well

and the site has other corroborating links to his many clues Im wondering why im still here....!!!

...typing instead of searching.......