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Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 06-07-2014

Getting warmer...

Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 07-01-2014

We are trying to get out to Colorado in about two weeks....its all up to my buddy as he wants in and said he'd advance the funds.....just waiting for his answer.

Eldorados Gold - tom - 07-01-2014

Its not what they say, its what they whisper. I don't see much whispering on this blog.

Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 07-02-2014

huh?? speak up i cant hear you.....

i posted this before......

go try it out.....whispering cave

[Image: 19052523.jpg]

Eldorados Gold - tom - 07-02-2014

nice pic. I like the F above the cave.

Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 07-08-2014

Look like an Owl's Eye to the left side...with all the wrinkles around the eye?/?

Eldorados Gold - old drum - 07-08-2014

So where is this cave? Looks like Canyon de Chelly.

Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 07-10-2014

@ Old Drum it is near the east entrance to Dinosaur Park in Colorado.

But I think I remember it being a fracture cave, so it only goes back a few feet I think, then it has a slot that goes behind the wall opening for a few feet.

[Image: echopark10.jpg]

Eldorados Gold - Eldorado - 07-10-2014

This guy is right around the corner from the whispering cave....

he keeps eyeballing me

[Image: 65977713.dyKOH6Qu._MG_9677.jpg]

Eldorados Gold - tomwhat - 07-11-2014

That face in the cliff is nightmare fuel. I bet on some clear nights the moon hits it just right and would scare the bejeezus out of a nighttime hiker.