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hints on the edges - Chris Yates - 11-07-2019

i think there are some hints

that are gcrouped to an edge of the poem

if you find yourself in a Hole because of that edge

well, all you can do is keep digging i guess

and who is it that put you in that Hole?

that could be a pretty good hint too

How else could we find the treasure?

why do i feel like im spinning in circles?

blazing septembers! this just isn't my lucky day

speaking of september, maybe we should line up that nine month with our plans

then everything can fall into the right slot

RE: hints on the edges - Chris Yates - 11-07-2019

The blueprint is challenging so the treasure may be located by the one who can best adjust

the one who can best adjust may be the one who gets it right on the bulls-eya

they'll get it right on the button, so to speak

the full equation may rest in the word treasures

and it don't matter what road (you're) on

(you won't need a tool as you're fetchin the loot)

RE: hints on the edges - Chris Yates - 11-08-2019

speaking of blueprints, i knew this guy that always had a blueprint on his back

it stretched from his butt all the way to just before his other end

as for the blewprint f refers to, i don't think it naturally exists

maybe thats where imagination comes in Smile