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Exposed to the elements - scott W - 06-09-2014

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<b>Quote from scott W on June 9, 2014, 11:24 pm</b>

I'm sure it is here somewhere, but I cannot find it. Can anyone quote or point me to the exact phrase from FF where he said something along the lines that the treasure is exposed to the elements.


scott W


Hiya scott, try here->

A reporter, Tony Doukopil said: He told me the chest is “exposed” to rain and snow, and could be scorched in a forest fire.

As far as I know, this is only time he has said it. Lots of peeps don't trust everything Doukopil have to make your own call!! Smile

Also, did you try "search" on this forum for "exposed to the elements"??...Been discussed quite a bit.

Exposed to the elements - Project Why - 06-10-2014


Your not as old as you say you are ........are you? :-)

You're pretty damn, save the burro .....aren't you?

You get around this s*** pretty good. :-)

Exposed to the elements - Project Why - 06-10-2014

I want a virtual reality suit.

Exposed to the elements - liv42dy - 06-10-2014

Dose'nt look like an exact phrase from Forrest. More like an exact phrase from Tony I would say. To expose the chest for years, possibly hundreds of years, would be an uneasy situation. That kind of location just dosent sound secure enough to me. Perhaps I am bias I dont know, this is the only clue, hint, statement that dose not convienently support my solve. EVERYTHING else since day one of the chase supports or justifies it. Yes, make your own call.


Exposed to the elements - Guest - 06-10-2014

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A reporter, Tony Doukopil said: He told me the chest is “exposed” to rain and snow, and could be scorched in a forest fire.
As odd as this quote seems, I can now understand how it makes sense - it has in the past always seemed like an oxymoron.

FF's latest answer to questions with Jenny Kile stating a 3 year couldn't get to the treasure without help is also a very interesting statement - countering many searchers belief that it has to be in such a safe place that a 3 year old could walk up and get it.

The Wolf

Exposed to the elements - Project Why - 06-10-2014

Good stuff there loco!! :-)

Yeah, I've got a 2yr. old daughter who can throw her doll clear across the living room and and an apple hard enough off my head to make cider .....after I've gained consciousness of course. 8O Softball just might be in her future, that or shot put. She's pretty tall though, so perhaps basketball and volleyball. We will just have to see how it plays out........

Exposed to the elements - Tim Nobody - 06-10-2014

Speaking of being exposed to the elements and being outside all the time I wonder where David Rice is?

Exposed to the elements - mafirst - 06-10-2014

I wonder where the Monkey Wrench Gang are?

Exposed to the elements - Guest - 06-11-2014

loco - that is exactly what I was alluding too and thus why I found it interesting - well done!

Exposed to the elements - boomergirl - 06-11-2014

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<b>Quote from NTMI on June 11, 2014, 9:05 am</b>

I'm thinking any female race horse that's less than 4 years old is called a filly. I wondering where Boomergirl is? I'm also thinking that he hid the treasure 3 years ago - 4 yrs ago? Time is flying! How do you tell 3 yr old girls from 3 yr old boys anyway? Length of their hair is what I'm thinking. Whoa, I'm thinking it's time to get ready for work! Have a good day thinking, everyone!

I'm here in BHC training. Heading east next week. How about a 4th of July get together? Someone should be able to cross the Fennish line by then.