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In trying to solve the problem - DoctorJones - 01-13-2022

Sometimes the best option is the only option;
And the only option is the best option.

If you have seen the blaze you know,
Not every clue can be known before,
You need to go to have a chance,
The clues are in line one to the next,

Do not lose your peace of mind,
And yet you need to let go of the chest,
If you want to find the treasure;
The story will be clear to you when you arrive.

39 times trying it might take,
For someone to find the spot.
Timing and talent cannot change that;
No amount of insistence will replace
The effort it takes to find the place.

When you see where the treasure is,
You will have no doubt it is the only place.
What is it worth, the knowledge of such a thing?
This you should ask before you take your first step.