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Hi! I kill people for a living - Desertphile - 06-08-2013

My introduction was successfully posted yesterday, and now it is gone. I am wondering why.

Hi! I kill people for a living - Desertphile - 06-09-2013

What's wrong with killing people for a living? It's American as apple pie! And people who do not want to be offended should stop being offended.

If I introduced myself seriously, the FBI would come and get me.

Hi! I kill people for a living - Little Sparrow - 06-14-2013

Okay, Desertphile, at first I thought you were a soldier, now, not so sure, but perhaps you are a former soldier, anyway, I saw your youtube message and also find it very troubling that people dig up graves or other areas and ruin the land. Hiding is hiding, it does not mean BURIED and who do we have to thank for that, the media who related the treasure is hiidden and changed it to a "Buried Treasure".

Hi! I kill people for a living - samsmith - 09-15-2013

OK there Desertphile...sounds like my kind of people are in the room. News headlines tell me you haven't been visiting DC lately anyway...Was it necessary for you to go to ground?...Haven't seen a post in a bit...Don't tell me you've reverted to lurking, DANG, now I gotta watch my back! lol...Paranoia, Paranoia, and nowhere to hide! lol

Would enjoy reading your intro, maybe admin would let it ride this time; thought about a re-post for the rest of us in here?