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WWWH - rgdyman - 08-17-2016

Hi everyone. New guy in town.
Of course I'm starting where warm water halts.

I have a question though.

When does water halt?

RE: WWWH - crustacean - 08-18-2016

(08-17-2016, 05:52 PM)rgdyman Wrote: When does water halt?

Solve that and you will be one step towards the treasure. Honestly everybody believes something different. Do a search on the various websites related to this treasure and you will find some people believe it might be a sink, a tub, a general place like Yellowstone, where the boiling river turns colder, various hot springs, various geysers, the firehole river, and on and on.... There are lots of even more bizarre theories out there if you want to keep looking.

Most of the discussion takes place in the "General" portion of the site. Use the search tool and you will be instantly buried with threads discussing this.

Good luck and Chase on!

RE: WWWH - crustacean - 08-19-2016

Who said that the water is halting? Maybe you are halted by the warm water... Where does that happen?

Apparently in a random guest lodge shower stall????

I give Minnie credit for creativity but I don't buy it.

RE: WWWH - RahRah - 08-21-2016

Minnie does have a point - to know where warm waters halt, you likely need to know what waters - springs, headwaters-->confluence, basin, drain, tub, rivers, gully, gulch, creek, puddle, ice, steam, stream, rivulet, the water cycle, well, wetlands, waves....I think you can see the list goes on?

Then what's halt? is it stop, freeze, cease, suspend, cut short, march, rest, stay, hold back, come to a standstill, plug, falter, gimp, stand, end, or something else?