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The architect - NewbieFenner - 11-07-2013

His dad built their house and therefore he had to design it himself. That means he was an architect.

Maybe his dad wrote the poem with the kids on their many adventures every summer.

The architect - muset - 11-07-2013

Without over thinking it: the difference between an artist and an architect is in the detail. An architect makes something very complicated look elegant and simple, yet every part has a purpose.

The architect - tralou2you - 11-07-2013

I believe an architect wrote TTOTC too.

The architect - Halogetter - 11-07-2013

Excellent, muset. A functional and aesthetic purpose. In architecture, as in the poem, there is design, integrated within itself, married to its site.



The architect - James Perotti - 11-07-2013

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from tyounis on November 7, 2013, 1:50 pm</b>

At the Collected Works event Fenn said, "It took me 15 years to write the poem. I’ve changed it so many times and I’ve said before that I didn’t write that poem…it was written by an architect…each word is deliberate."

At the Moby Dickens event Fenn said, "The poem in my book is something that changed over and over again. When you read the poem it looks like just simple words the...but I guarantee you, I worked on that thing...I felt like an architect, drawing that poem."

When I heard him say it the first time at Collected Works, it sounded he was trying the metaphor out to see if it fit with the way he speaks and writes...a trial balloon. By Moby Dickens, it sounded a bit more refined, like he had tried it out a couple more times since Collected Works.

Both my daughter and my son-in-law are architects. I asked them to look at the quotes, and I asked them to look at the poem and tell me what they thought.

Basically, their response was, "Architects don't draw. Draftsmen do. And writing a poem is nothing like architecting an enclosed space."

I think it's Fenn taking liberty, and playing, with the language. I think he uses "architect" (as a noun) in the same way a "builder" would use a box of lego blocks and a set of instructions (blueprint) to get to a finished project. All the pieces, of various sizes, shapes and colors have to fit together in order to complete the project.Hi Toby, I studied both drafting and architecture, drafting is fixed and ridged, architecture is creative art.

In his case, I'll hypothesize, the "blueprint" was in his head, and took 15 years to get to a synchronous finish.

The architect - James Perotti - 11-07-2013

Architecture is art, writing is art.

The architect - muset - 11-08-2013

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
a "builder" would use a box of lego blocks and a set of instructions...

Good one Toby. I was going to use a similar analogy. The given poem is like a box of lego but with no instructions. You can make lots of stuff, but only one construction will use every piece and look correct when it's done.

Just like Rubik's Cube, you'll know when you get it right.

I need to draft in an architect... Wink

The architect - Adam_The_Adventurer - 12-02-2013

I would venture to believe that the poem is constructed by an architect. But also a poet, a lover of nature, a VERY amazing and smart man! Wink



The architect - will197532 - 05-17-2015

I have a friend of mine and he's an architect and he draws his plans, you can check him out on my Facebook Jim Montjoy.

The architect - HIPS - 05-21-2015

Perhaps Forrest the Architect should have had a civil engineer proof his concept as most firms do.