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Who's searching Montana 2017 - The Count - 01-12-2017

I am. My main focus will be the northern border of yellowstone park to pick the trail around clue 2 or 3. There are many prime places to Search from Gallatin River, Paradise Valley, Yankee Jim canyon, confluence of yellowstone and Gardiner river, plus many others. I've never really been one to hide where I'm searching so I was hoping to get a disscison of places in this area that are worth searching or maybe failed past solves. Regardless this will always be a hot spot to search! If I get bored searching there maybe I go to the Madison for fun.

Who's searching Montana 2017 - Kpro - 01-12-2017

I am in the area. More towards Madison, but there are some areas that I will be heading north into your area to check out. Last BOTG, was a able to get up there and it was awesome.


RE: Who's searching Montana 2017 - The Count - 01-13-2017

Yeah I want to check out the Madison but I don't think its there or any of the clues refer to it. Yellowstone or other places in yellowstone possible. I'm to the point where I need to check things out for myself mostly because it will be my first search in that area and I've never been to yellowstone. Without a doubt Madison ranks high on popularity of WWWH, with the Gallatin and Yellowstone river also ranking high. There are lots of places along the northern border of YSNP that I want to check out for possible clues and figured I can check many of them and cross them off my list on one trip.

Who's searching Montana 2017 - Kpro - 01-13-2017

I dont either regarding the Madison but a part of the path, I think.

I hit about 15-30 spots when I was there last. Sent pictures to several wanting pictures of their spots. Happy to help if I am in the area, or possibly meeting up this summer. Several of us might go searching at the same time, just to make it even more fun.


RE: Who's searching Montana 2017 - The Count - 01-15-2017

I'll post when I'm going and up dates when I'm there but its not going to be until the prime search season. As far as meeting, I want to stay anonymous if at all possible, I understand the longer your in the chase the less likely it is. Well I did tell Dal who I was when I meet him but I'm pretty sure he didn't hear me. I still want to hold on to the belief that there's some tiny chance that I have the ability to find the chest and staying anonymous helps me with that thought.

RE: Who's searching Montana 2017 - DogZebra - 03-08-2017

Tics are pretty bad up that way in spring-time. Tuck in those cuffs and slather on the bug sauce!
Good Hunting!

RE: Who's searching Montana 2017 - The Count - 03-15-2017

Thanks for the input everyone!
All my treasure hunting gear is in Colorado where I will be going first. I'm pretty sure I have 2 things of bear spray but they are a couple of years old, I wonder if there still good?

Emmett, that sounds like a place I would check out but I don't have time, maybe latter on this year if I return. I should be able to spend 2-3 days there. Not nearly enough time to do much but site seeing and check a spot or 2 along the way.

RE: Who's searching Montana 2017 - Urban_Archaeologist - 04-04-2017

We'll be in Montana near Yellowstone May 21. Bears might be hungry by then. Have spray but seriously considering something a little more powerful to pack - as a last option should it come to that. Would rather have a gun and not need it rather than need one and not have it. We picked up the spray two years ago in Glacier Nat'l Park so not even sure if it's still usable.

We're not fanatical about finding the treasure but do have three spots narrowed down that we plan on taking a peek (none of which are in Yellowstone proper). Going more for R&R with treasure hunting as something fun to do while hiking around. Like hiking with a purpose.

Have to admit - the closer we get, the more I find myself doing more R&D to figure out the poem and put things together that (seem to) make sense (in my own head, anyway). Can get a little addictive if you let it.

RE: Who's searching Montana 2017 - The Count - 04-06-2017

Looks like my trip will be advanced a few weeks hope I can still do some site seeing within yellowstone. I try and take a lot of pictures and see if I can post some of them!

RE: Who's searching Montana 2017 - Urban_Archaeologist - 04-06-2017

I will gladly share our details once we have the opportunity to get out there and test our theories. Who knows how close (or far) we might be if our hypotheses (x3) are not correct.

PS - Bears. Is anyone else, other than me, preparing for possible bear encounters?