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Screen View Options - bucky48 - 06-18-2013

Does anyone know how I can change my screen view to show the most recent posts first? Also, is there a way to mark the posts as being read, I find myself having to re-read posts in order to figure out where I last left off. Thanks.

Screen View Options - Becky from WV - 06-18-2013

bucky48 - No one has responded to you yet so I will tell you what I do. After I log in, the header says "Welcome" to me & tells me the "date & time of my last visit". I click on "Show new topics ..." & the list appears. I go clear over to the right & click on the date & time of the person who posted. It takes me to the topic page. Then I scroll backwards to see if any other posts have a date & time later than my last visit. I read them. After that I go back up to the header & once again click on "Show new topics ..." The list appears again & I go to the next topic. I then click on the next poster's time & date. I do the same thing over & over until I have read all the posts I missed. That's all I know. Hope it helps.

Screen View Options - bucky48 - 06-18-2013

Thanks, I'll give that a try.

Screen View Options - Becky from WV - 06-19-2013

Stephanie - The header looks like this.

Welcome Becky from WV

Your last visit was: June 18, 2013, 12:57 pm

Show new topics since your last visit

Edit your forum options

Edit Profile

Log out


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