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The Bird! - Jim Hawkins - 12-22-2013

Hello friends.

And I mean friends. To opinions is awesome. I guess the trick is to leather up and move on with the same attitude you had the day before...sometimes not so easy!

This is a great place to post pics, spin some yarn and tell a tale! And bare ass yourself.

As most know...I've been looking into double letters in the poem as maybe a trail to my...our box! I'm sorry if I say my box and that offends you, I don't mean to sound delusional nor do I want folks to be fooled! In the rules paragraph 33...section 9... first sentence... it says you are who you think you are and I thinkst my precious is mine! Gives me my Precious. get it it's mine...

To tell everyone how I arrived at the Legend Larry Bird might take a bit. I think this is why Stephanie sent me in this direction, (maybe to keep me from bothering others).

I started this adventure on feb 6...still not sure how happy I am about it?

I'm 100% sure my first hunt was to where my last will be...and I imagine I tell ya somewhere in this thread...repeatedly. Clue: Mickey Mouse...shhh!

I'll post a few pics then happen months maybe hours or minutes sometimes it woods the in Living. "Reverse that." Gene wilder Willie Wonka! Living in the woods it sometimes takes awhile. Mama coffee!

[Image: 3480y-20130321_165052.jpg]

[Image: 5u1ni-20130321_120430.jpg]

[Image: q451k-20130630_120854.jpg]

The Bird! - Jim Hawkins - 12-22-2013

Jason that's the Ol Hyde I think...aka Angie. I'm hoping another is a bronze at a truck stop on Interstate 40 West and the last the Santurio de Chimayo.

I haven't been able to see them yet ..Big church day here...(and NFL). I'll

keep posting and trying to learn how this works...

P.S. Thank you stephanie for showing me how to do this stuff and for inviting me! Smile

The Bird! - Jim Hawkins - 12-22-2013

So I'm Chasing the Bird...

A cool story I read somewhere and will promise to sight my source later, was about two children who lived in a strong fort on a mountain...maybe you've read this too?

The people who lived in the fort on the mountain rarely came out in fear of the Nomadic Indians...On one paricular day these peoples left the comfort and security of the fort to find water food...maybe do some dishes and laundry in the creek. Life! Two children were told not to wonder far from the party but soon found themselves seperated playing in the creek. Before they knew two shadows came upon them. The children looked up and saw two men standing above them. One younger the other older with a beard. The two children amazed asked the two men where they came from. The younger man said down at the end of the creek. Still in awe the children asked why the men weren't afraid of the ferocious Indians...The older man said they had a bird that warned them if there was trouble. When the two children looked down the men were gone. Scared they ran to their parents and told them of the two men they had met on the creek...Their parents also worried formed a search party to find the two men before the Indians...Moving down the creek the search party saw a white dove and followed down the creek where it landed by a boulder...From under the boulder there was a light. The people turned it over and underneath was a religious icon...A painting of two younger the other older with a beard...As the people fell to their knees to prey...the children exclaimed!..those were rhe men by the creek...The father told his children...this is God and his son Jesus...this is why I was chasing the Bird.

I'll try to post a few more pics and continue. I should also say this is a story I found north of Santa Fe in New Mexico. And I'll even tell you where...eventually!

The Bird! - Jim Hawkins - 12-22-2013

I think these pics are Maggie and zach and the other NM..My trusty android and I are slow at getting takes time..! This story leads to my first wwwh...I have several. One is sort of the Red River...but even that's tricky, we'll get to that ditch too.

The Bird! - Jim Hawkins - 12-22-2013

WWWH in this guess is an author. And as hard as I try to fit Okeeffe into my begin here...I Can't. For those who aren't familiar with this I'd be glad to share, but first my Larry Bird Story. And north south eh! There's probably a


The Bird! - Jim Hawkins - 12-23-2013

Following Lary Bird.

Now I have several small reasons to Follow the Bird:

A. Famous Trail

B. Legend C. Double letters rr D. Bird.

So anyhow...there has been a lot of talk or should I say whispers of the Masons!...

One could believe they have a part in this...whether or not they have my box is yet to be seen! Lary Bird was # 33...I hope Jason can testify that the # 33 is the highest ranking order of the Masons. The Bible includes a beautiful story of Jesus ascending to heaven..I won't go there but f's box or Jacobs ladder is the idea of this coming and going from the heavens...I don't know you look it up on wiki and check it out. Wait until you see what 33 is...besides the number of trips dal had made on several post? (Don't put much stock in this.) Back to the Bird...Once...while playing in a game againt a mouthy opponent Larry stopped, turnded wished the guy a Merry Christmas and sunk a ball from mid court. They said he brought magic to the game. In College he played for Bobby knight. He was the greatest CELTIC of all time. And I guess most important and the meat of my Bird adventure or so I thought was about the Hullman center where Larry played...I should hope you look it up because I can't give it the proper spin. Sister Mary WOOD Hullman was Sainted in 2006...I was ashamed...I knew who Larry Bird was but no clue about the Legend of Sister Mary.

E. #33 F. Bobby Knight G. Greatest Celtic of all Time H. Sister Mary Wood Hullman Trains...trails it was close...And we could stop in Paris for lunch but instead we went to Casey Illinois...I'll post a few pic and continue.

[Image: 89d8n-1219131313.jpg]

[Image: g8lbt-mms_picture.jpg]

[Image: tjh5m-1219131311.jpg]

The Bird! - Jim Hawkins - 12-23-2013

I'm hoping there are nine pics ...

I just posted the statues makers plaque. A Bill Wolfe...hmmm we have wolves. part of the Bird plaque and the monument itself...Across the street was a Hilton Hotel...I assaulted it like a

chicken fajita. Up down...up down I'm box.

The Bird! - Jim Hawkins - 12-23-2013

Jason have you seen the pretty ford galaxy...whats your take on the Masons...double letters. How about Sister Mary or Crocheting...That's next. Casey Illinois.

Now some easy listenning on this wonderful new solstice...

The Bird! - Jim Hawkins - 12-23-2013

Reading through the different threads I have to wonder why I worked so hard?

I'm forced to think this may be coming to a conclusion...that all our hard work has now been layed out for all to see?

No Will Rodgers No Issac No Powell just buy the TTOTC for Dummies.

The Bird! - Jim Hawkins - 12-23-2013

Hmmm I need to formulate a new plan...I need a way to get their first! Snow or no snow...I wonder how long it takes to get a helicopter license...or I could get kicked out of my house and look up the E-mail for that hot Chick Michelle...No Cad would sell me out! Hey, maybe f likes foot rubs?