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MWFM possible poem/book chapter title connection - Woody Bogg - 01-17-2014

There is No way this thing is going to be solved without boots on the ground. NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY

MWFM possible poem/book chapter title connection - chunks - 01-17-2014

Case in point: I have been to several locales that were great looking on gosur and google earth only to get out there and realize I wouldn't do this at 35 never mind a man of 80 doing it. You cannot tell terrain on a flatscreen.

MWFM possible poem/book chapter title connection - will197532 - 01-17-2014

Googlemaps has a terrain button that will give you elevation of mountains and hills

MWFM possible poem/book chapter title connection - Guest - 01-17-2014

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<b>Quote from chunks on January 17, 2014, 3:40 pm</b>

Case in point: I have been to several locales that were great looking on gosur and google earth only to get out there and realize I wouldn't do this at 35 never mind a man of 80 doing it. You cannot tell terrain on a flatscreen.

That is why there are Topographical maps. I would believe that 90% of searchers are looking areas that they ahve never been before. Even seasoned hikers research and prepare before they set out.

Get knowledge of the area. supplies you'll need. check weather reports. bring map/gps/compass. etc.etc. and always tell someone where your going and how long. Also some of the guys I hunt with are late 70's and they can put me to shame when it comes to endurance and capability.

MWFM possible poem/book chapter title connection - John Brown - 01-17-2014

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<b>Quote from will197532 on January 17, 2014, 3:46 pm</b>

Googlemaps has a terrain button that will give you elevation of mountains and hills

Neither GE nor GM show the terrain at a fine enough scale that you can tell what hiking it will be like. For one thing they smooth at about the 30' scale: a region that is covered with 30' boulders will appear flat. I think they might have increased the resolution recently but it still isn't to the point where you can tell what you're in for on a cross country scramble. If all you do is go on trails it is sort of ok, although they do have more than a few non-existent trails.

MWFM possible poem/book chapter title connection - will197532 - 01-17-2014

Which map can I goto that would show more detail in the terrain

MWFM possible poem/book chapter title connection - chunks - 01-17-2014

Thanks JB. That was the point I was trying to make but wasn't very clear.Smile

MWFM possible poem/book chapter title connection - Chris Yates - 01-17-2014

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<b>Quote from SidnCharley on January 17, 2014, 8:31 am</b>

@ Chris Yates - Master of philosophy, logic & semantics - wow. After seeing your posts here and on other blogs, I am just at a loss as to why you have not retrieved the chest yet. I mean, you have the most detailed explanations, the most plausible theories and seem to have an uncanny ability to know precisely what Fenn means and whether or not what he says is a clue, hint or misdirection.

Also, if I understand your earlier post, the poem gives you, not one, but two sets of coordinates that point to one exact location, which, I surmise, is where the chest would be. Not surprisingly people eat this up because it's so logical and represents progress, supported by hints from the book, that will lead to the chest.

With all that in mind, what is it about this poem that has you stumped? Why are you still here freely handing out critical pieces of information that may lead someone else right to it?

Hello SidnCharley. I really enjoy these discussions and the taking apart of the puzzle pieces and all that, so if I or someone had already found the treasure we wouldn’t be able to do this. At least not in this way, with the true solution still being an unknown which is what makes it interesting. I suppose that is one silver lining on the cloud point of view.

As to your question(s), I will try to answer as honestly and to the point as I can, and of course as always this is only my point of view and I am only one with limited knowledge not having the chest in my possession.

I will give a synopsis of my personal poem puzzle solve, the stages of it, my searches as a result, and where I think I am at currently, and why I think I have not yet found it.

If memory serves I first became familiar with all this Jan of last year. It was a month or two later that I had my first solve and went on a search with my sister as a result. I came back very disappointed, and immediately resolved to study the poem for further clues. My first solve I had found a spot where all the clues seemed to fit in a general way and in order.

If anyone is familiar with Shaun Whiteheads first search where he flew over from the UK, mine was almost identical, I found a lot of the same ‘clues’ (which I know now are not) and ended up searching the area by the same town as he.

As I began to try to put together another solve, I was finding places where the clues seemd to fit like before. I then began to get frustrated because I realized I could find a thousand places, and a thousand paths, that would fit like this and they would all be wrong.

The way that I had solved WWH and HOB in my first search I felt was pretty clever, almost brilliant really, and this filled me with a ton of confidence, false as it turned out. The knowledge began slowly creeping into me that no matter how clever the solve, it was completely unrelated to whether it was THE correct solve or not.

This eventually led me to one of those moments, an epiphany, after having been so frustrated that I gave up trying to solve the poem for a while. I thought about the fact, that in spite of the poem seeming to fit so many places, if F truly said, you need to KNOW where to start and you can go right to it with confidence, he must have put something in there that identified with certainty where you start. I was not sure that was it, but if not, there was something he positively identified in the area somehow, the grand clue, if you will.

I still had not figured anything out, but I had renewed interest and slowly put together a list of all areas that could fit the poem. Day after day I was looking over maps, and google earth, and memorizing the poem. Which area? I had no clue, there were too many on my list. I took 10 of the areas that seemd to fit at least a little more than the other areas and made them my top 10, so I could narrow my focus a little more. I liked my theory and felt it was right, but I was getting frustrated again. I began putting together poem paths in some of the areas, again, but I knew this was a mistake, it could never be solved this way, I had to know for sure THE area, THE wwh, then work from there.

I don’t know if it was dumb luck or what, but I noticed a pattern in the poem, and I began to think that the poem was constructed in sets of 2, the stanzas were paired. I came to the conclusion that if stanzas 2 thru 4 took you on the path from beginning to end, then whatever stanza was paired with each stanza would hold the respective clues for that part of the path. If this were true then Stanza 2 was the first part of the path, and the respective stanza would hold the clues for WWH.

So I began focusing on identifying WWH, not by looking at Stanza 2, but the stanza that has the clues for it. Then one day, I noticed that one of my possible areas, and possible WWH in my top 10, the whole name was encoded very cleverly in a line of the stanza! And what little doubt there may have been in my mind quickly vanished as a bunch of confirmation clues from the book jumped out at me when I realized this was THE wwh.

First off in the poem, not only is the name encoded, but the meaning of the line itself is a confirmation. Second, this name has a certain quality that makes it unique, there is no other place that has this name in the US. So if I have the right name, there is only one place it can be.

Also, the subtle hints in the book are very obvious after the fact (when you know what it is), and are absolute confirmation for me, I wish I could explain more why they are so convincing but this clue is so important and is the bedrock of the whole thing, I don’t want to even chance leaking something here.

Lastly, It now became clear why Forrest told the story in the book about reading FWTBT (which was actually AFTA), and why he only read the first third and threw it away. It was because the pairing of the stanzas are each devoted to a third of the path, and the hint there is for the first third, and that’s it.

Ok, so I had WWH and then the canyon down I deduced from hints in the poem. I went through a period of time at this point where I was constructing poem paths from here that were all wrong as it turned out. Frustration setting in again.

I didn’t know it at the time but I was making a wrong assumption about the distance one would be traveling after the canyon down.

Around this time I was commenting regularly on Dals blog. Dal posted a link to Fs appearance at CW bookstore, I think it was in April. Listening to this was an absolute revelation to me. Fs comments about the 2 clues and 500ft told me that the 2nd clue was canyon down, and also, it was very close from there, and any person who might happen to be getting the first 2 clues right, was doing what I was doing, and continuing on from there a distance similar to that traveled at that point.

I then knew I needed to focus my attention right there, and not look ‘too far’ away, to understand what the 3rd and 4th stanzas are talking about. It was then that I made my next huge breakthrough. The line ‘but tarry scant with marvel gaze’ was a clever play on words referring to the name of the area, not the exact spot, but the area you go to where the chest is hidden. Once I knew what that area was I then recognized the subtle hints in the book for it.

Around this time I began commenting on Dals blog about my breakthrough, and saying I knew where the chest was. I think I was hyper ventilating while typing. I have to say that moment more than any other, what a rush, when I knew the area where the treasure was, my heart has never raced like that.

Well here I am, 8 or 9 months later after that breakthru, I have been on 3 searches to the area in that time, and no chest.

Before I go on, I will say this, if it wasn’t for the fact I live so far away and it is difficult for me to make these searches, I would already have the treasure by now.

I am correct about where it is, blister me if you want, but I do have the right area. It has turned out that the most difficult part has to do with the blaze and where you precisely go from there. And compounding the problem for me, I have become convinced 3 times of where to go, only to be getting something a little wrong, and the only way I can realize I got it wrong is by having to make these long trips.

And also making it difficult is I falsely believed previously (for some or all of my searches) that (1) the chest wasn’t buried (2) there was a local blaze or marking you would find (3) that a metal detector wouldn’t be necessary or helpful

When Forrest said last time that the person who finds it will ‘earn it’, that he is not giving it away, he is talking about the ‘effort’ the poem is telling you is required to find the treasure. This is not going to be easy like some people think, you will have to detect it, and you will have to dig it up. Fire away at that idea if you want, but when I have the treasure I will remind everyone that I was right.

There is a reason Forrest did it like that, it cannot be found accidentally, either by someone just passing through, or by someone searching the area or spot, but they do not know the clues with confidence.

You will to have know precisely where to go, and you will have to know the area to sweep. If you are correct then this is proof you did your work, and you solved the poem correctly all the way to a specific spot, anything else leaves open the possibility that someone could find it w/o completely solving the poem. Think about it.

So, why I have I not found the treasure yet? well I hope I have answered that question somewhat and I would add that there are important clues that I had not previously solved, hint of riches new and old, that point to a specific spot, and I see that the direction I was supposed to go from the blaze, I was getting it wrong. The poem makes more sense than ever now and the encoded coordinates I found give confirmation

i am certain now that the treasure is there. My next search I will be going to that precise spot, and that spot only, and with a shovel and a metal detector. it will be there, 3 feet under.

My last thought, not long ago I debated with people about the ‘all you need is the poem thing’ because it didn’t seem to be true to me, I thought I needed hints from the book for more precision and for coordinates. While the book is helpful, I now realize that it is completely true, all the information is in the poem, the surface meaning, the word clues, and encoded numbers, it is all there, and deliberately placed.

MWFM possible poem/book chapter title connection - Chris Yates - 01-17-2014


i forgot about your last question

i don't believe i am handing out any critical pieces of info that would lead anyone to it

MWFM possible poem/book chapter title connection - Nora Kelly - 01-17-2014

I hope you find it.

What state is it in? You can at least tell us that can't you? :-)