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Wind River Flood 2010 - geminicesdesigns - 01-16-2018

Has anyone looked into the wind river flood of 2010? I was watching videos of the area and noticed they were sandbagging the towns and redirecting water with pumps . Gave new meaning to heavy loads and water high
Having a problem getting link to work, vid is little wind flood 2010

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RE: Wind River Flood 2010 - ksteph - 01-18-2018

I don't remember that flood but that area floods fairly often in the Spring depending on the snow pack and the temps. What would you like to know?

Wind River Flood 2010 - geminicesdesigns - 01-18-2018

If Fenn was in that area in 2010, would that not make it a lot harder to get around?
I'm sure a lot of roads, areas, etc. would have not been accessible.
Would that affect the search area then?

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RE: Wind River Flood 2010 - Beavertooth - 03-31-2018

I think that flooding started in early June 2010.

Forrest apparently told Irene Rawlings on or about July 14, 2010 that he had [already] hidden the treasure and was working on completing TTOTC.

Forrest has said he hid the treasure in the "summer", whatever that means.

Forrest has said he hid the treasure when he was 79 or 80.

Consequently, he may or may not have hidden the treasure in that area before the floods -- either late summer 2009 after his 79th birthday in August, or early summer 2010, possibly before the floods, and before Irene said he told her it was already hidden by mid-July.

Note that Irene Rawlings is a highly respected journalist who was having lunch with Forrest after her own book signing that day, and it is unlikely that she made a mistake in the reporting (although it is always possible).

Of course, he could have hidden it in that area between the start of flooding on June 4, and the July 14 (est) lunch with Irene Rawlings, despite whatever flooding may have occurred.